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Can you keep from being Overweight if you can't Exercise due to medical conditions?

Asked by joscketSeper (323points) April 25th, 2010

I’m having chest pain due to jogging. So i can’t do exercise especially these days i should not even try. Yesterday i tried alittle slow walking and even that hurt.

I’m going to the doc today.

But anyway, medical texts/tv/books/health magazines and the doctor himself say you should do at least 30 to 45 minutes of moderate exercise in order to keep in shape.

I’m in shape now because up to a 2 days ago i was exercising fine. But now i’m not gonna be able to do it.

So is there a way to not get overweight.. or is there no way out?

male in my early 30s

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Observe how much you eat today. Tomorrow eat less.

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May I ask how you know that you’re permanently not going to be able to exercise? I have no clue what your chest pain is from, but how do you know it’s a permanent problem? You seem to have jumped to a conclusion. (And I’m glad you’re going to the doctor. Chest pain is nothing to mess with.)

Until such time as you can continue to work out, lower your caloric intake. That will help with your weight. Unfortunately, exercise is what helps you to remain physically fit. I hope you’ll be able to go back to it.

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Sure. Take in less calories than you expend. Eat smaller meals throughout the day. Eat a large breakfast and small dinner. You will lose weight.

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I spent several months in a body brace and a wheelchair in 2003, I lost weight, I didn’t gain. Just don’t eat too many processed carbs, stick to carbs from fresh produce only as well as proteins and healthy fats/oils. (Virgin Olive oil etc.)

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Calorie control. Calories are stored energy. If you expend less, you should store less.

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While you are at it, remember that exercise is what helps keep your bowels moving. You may want to eat more fiber and drink lots of water to keep things moving. That in itself will help keep the pounds off because you won’t be holding as much inside, not to mention you will feel better.

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to tedibear.

well, i’m just saying cause I’m paranoid i guess. But also, i’ve been having chest problems since age 13( intermiteently only somedays but it wasn’t related to runing). from 13 to 24 i could do strenous exercise no problems. but from then on from light running or even walking i get chest pains. And then the thing that happened just recently….So it makes me think i should’nt even exericse or if i do it will be slow motion walking, which doesn’t help that much in keeping weight off.

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Have you been diagnosed by a physician? I would definitely address your concerns with chest pains and have your heart checked out. If you have cardiac problems than even doing nothing may pose a risk to your health if your heart is not sound, blockage etc. On the other hand if you’re cleared by a doctor you may just have to accept that cramps and some shortness of breath are par for any exercise course if you’re out of shape and need to get up to speed. First things first though and make sure there are no serious issues.

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How about swimming instead?

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I think it’s time to start reading the nutrition labels on the foods you eat. I don’t think calories are your main concern now, but more so carbohydrates. The body uses carbs as energy and whatever carbs aren’t burned turn into fat.

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No i haven’t been diagnosed. Xrays don’t show anything.Well i don’t know why it hurts when i walk or run.

But it feels as if every step i take is pounding on my lung or chest or muslces and they get bruised.

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Eat less but no less than 1200 calories per day.

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You may have walking pneumonia. See a doctor regardless.

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@joscketSeper – I hope that the doctor can figure out what is wrong and send you back on the road to get health. Best wishes to you!

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Ask the doctor for a physical therapist referral. They can help you find routines that you CAN do. The real truth is, exercise may help with maintenance, but it has very little to do with weight loss. You need to reduce your calories in.
Journal and measure every bite (Even just a taste) for 2 weeks. go to and calculate how many calories you REALLY took in.
If you are a girl, multiply your weight by 10. That is how many calories you can eat and not gain weight. If you are a guy, use 11.
It really is simple math. Calories in calories out. Exercise gives you a few extra, but not enough to loose weight at any real pace. It takes 3500 calories to make a pound so if you work out 3 days a week and work off 500 calories each time, it would take you about 3 weeks to make up one pound. Most beginning exercisers don’t get that much.
Reduce your calorie intake.
Here is just one of many articles that show tiny changes you can make to reduce calories.
Some are so simple. Change to fat free milk. Use a cooking spray instead of oil. Air popped popcorn instead of chips.
These are the changes that will really help you loose weight.
Who knows, after you get a few pounds off, the exercise will probably come a lot easier.

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Being in cool water of a swimming pool.

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