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My mother wants to have her ashes scattered on the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Do I need any sort of permission and where is the best spot for this?

Asked by asp42560 (1points) April 25th, 2010

Where on the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina is ashe scattering permitted and do I need some sort of permission? This is where my mother requested to go.

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Just go do it. Who’s gonna know? What can it possibly harm?

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Just drive down the parkway and you will find many beautiful spots. I personally would not worry about a permit.

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There are many wild azaleas and rhododenrons all over the place. Pick a spot that you can find later. You are really fertilizing the woods for future generations.

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Just don’t put them in or near water and you should be alright.

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Not joking, but keep in account the wind direction.
I’ve seen it happen.

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Mt. Mitchell is a lovely state park- the upper levels smell like Christmas trees year round. It’s the highest point east of the Mississippi and a beautiful place.

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Forget the rules. Just keep in mind her favourite weather & time of year!

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What we found out when my stepfather died is that the environmental hazard factor for cremation becomes a factor if the body has been embalmed for a viewing, and then cremated. Skip the viewing, and go straight to cremation, and you’re good.

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I have never heard of needing permission to spread ashes, I say just do it. Last year we went with a friend to the Indy 500 where he spread some of his fathers ashes. We were right there in a crowd of thousands, no one knew what we were doing, I can’t imagine anyone would care even if they knew. It is part of nature in my opinion.

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I would take a stone or crystal and place it where you scatter the ashes… her honor

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@JLeslie Wouldn’t they blow all over the crowd?

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@Draconess25 We weren’t up in the stands or anything. We were in front of the museum on the grassy area.

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@JLeslie Oh, okay! I wouldn’t know; I’ve never been there.

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I am sorry for your loss.
Also, what a beautiful request.
Do it.

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