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How do I make a video about "lack of values limits social knowledge"?

Asked by Jack3090 (94points) April 25th, 2010

I need to make a video about this theme, but I don’t know how to represent it; any ideas?

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What kind of guidance were you given by your instructor?

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@Jeruba just make a video with this message, we can tell a story or make a capsule.

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Take a good look around you. you can see plenty on television all day with a lack of values. Pick one. Then take a look at the things they say and analyze their lack of social knowledge with examples and quotes. Paris Hilton, off the top of my head is a wealth of examples.

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I don’t understand what it means. Are you positive that you have stated it correctly?

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I think your thesis would be more correctly stated if you were to say, “A lack of social knowledge has led to a lack of values in our society.”

There used to be an emphasis placed on teaching things like etiquette and manners, those are social tools which allow a society to function more smoothly. Etiquette defines basic rules that help people with different backgrounds and viewpoints to get along.

When people stopped being taught basic social skills, our culture started becoming much more self centered. This social self centeredness has in large part led to the lack of values you are refering to.

Just an opinion. Hope it might help some. :)

Maybe working with this thesis, your video could show strangers treating each other with polite respect. Things like holding a door for someone, saying thankyou, etc. and show how doing things like this helps foster and strengthen a sense of values.

Then show the same situations where people are rude and obnoxious. Ignoring someone is behind you when you let loose a door, saying “what are you looking at” to strangers on the street, demanding respect of others without showing any respect in return, etc. to show how the more people act like that, the easier it is to forget other values as well.

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Like @Jeruba I am unclear on the basic premise. Make sure you are clear on it and if you can explain it to us (we are both pretty astute people) we can surely offer you some better guidance.

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@Jeruba and @Dr_Lawrence the project title is correct, but here goes how it is supposed to be done.

We have to chose a couple of values and make a video about how they affect society as a whole. For example, honesty… how society is affected by honest people and dishonest people.

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The word “how” was absent from the original question. I now understand what idea you are hoping to communicate.

It seems to me that an interview format with different people who fulfil different roles and functions in society e.g. business owners, teachers, bank managers, clergy, politicians, doctors etc. would provide revealing insights on the societal impact of selected values when people live up to them and when they do not.

You could have actors role play the various type of people if you can’t get real people to agree to be on video.

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I think you have to identify the values first and then think about what they mean to society.

Consider privacy.

Suppose some children are taught nothing about the value of privacy. They don’t have any, nobody in their households has any, and they do not understand the concept. When they go into a household where people respect one another’s rights of space, they don’t know how to behave. They may roam freely about the house, open drawers, help themselves to what they find in the refrigerator. They will offend and anger people with this behavior, and they won’t know why. They will make themselves unwelcome and won’t be trusted. This would be a case where lack of knowledge of values limits social knowledge, would it not?

Then suppose you have a society where people exhibit their lives in public media with few, if any, safeguards, much to the dismay of their elders, who cherish their privacy—not because they are doing anything reprehensible but because they believe in respecting one another’s right to live without constant supervision and expect the same respect themselves—and cannot comprehend how youngsters can throw away this precious freedom from constant scrutiny and judgment as if it were worth no more than a used tissue.

How would this dichotomy of values affect society? How would they clash?

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