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Do you tend to lurve freely, or do people have to work hard for it?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16583points) April 26th, 2010

Do you give out lurve to every answer you like, only the best of the best, or somewhere in between? Do you give a ‘great answer’ to a well presented point of view opposite to your own?

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I am generous to a fault ;)

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I like to think I give lurve to a question well answered.

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If someone is helpful, nice and/or funny they get lurve, especially if they are new. I always give a great answer when someone answers my questions, unless of course the person is being an ass.

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I’m promiscuous with my lurve. Whatever makes me think or smile gets a GA.

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I give my lurve quite freely. If I laugh out loud, you’ll get it.
If I think you put a lot of thought and effort into an answer, I give it.
That doesn’t mean a lengthy answer will always get lurve, getting to the point and not making me read an essay will too.

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There are no well presented points that are opposite to my own. :-) Other than that caveat, I give out lurve pretty freely to well-written, amusing, or on-topic, solid answers.

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Well, on my iPhone, I tend to lurve by accident….what with the scrolling and all. So if you ever wonder “who the f would have given me lurve for that answer…?” It was probably me, and you’re welcome…..

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I do when the answer or question merits it. The milestone parties I throw lurve around like confetti!

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It doesn’t cost me anythind so I toss lurve around pretty liberally.

As long as someone isn’t being a downright jackass and is making a good effort, I’ll toss them some lurve. Why not?

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Aye, she must make me laugh/clever, be informative and/or touch me soul, matey!

When it’s a 10, 20 or 30K – it’s a free for all. I lurve to lurve you, baby!

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@FireMadeFlesh I’m generous with “da love!” after all, I made PartyParty what she is today!!! loll

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Funny & makes some kind of sense, you’re in. Otherwise lurveless zone.

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I usually give out lurve to every answer on a question I ask.
I give lurve to any answer that was exactly what I was going to say, or any answer that builds on what I said.
Also, any well presented point, well worded answer, or anything that makes me smile.
And, regardless of answer, anyone under 50 points gets lurve.
I am probably maxed out on most people here.

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@lucillelucillelucille ummm…will remember that! loll

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@janbb You made me smile – if I could I’d give extra for that!

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I’ve not ben on the site long, but I reward good, direct answers with lurve. I’d still give lurve if the POV was contrary to my own, so long as I thought it was a worthwhile topic of conversation.

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Somewhere in-between. Usually I only give lurve to answers that are great, but then there are times when I go on “lurve sprees”.

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I give points to every question that I answer, that makes me think, or relates to a situation of mine. I give points to answers that are polite, relating to the question, or moving answers. It doesn’t matter who the person is either.

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Somewhere in between. But for this thread I decided to be a little more generous and give lurve freely. What the hell.

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I give Lurve when the answer strikes me in a certain way, even when I disagree. I like to see a well articulated point backed by logic. I withhold from Trolls.

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I give lurve to whatever question or answer I like. If it is useful advice, something I strongly agree with or just something I find amusing then I will lurve it. I wouldn’t say I was easy with my lurve but by the same token I do like to give praise where I think it’s due.

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If it’s funny, it gets lurve. If it’s well written, it gets lurve. And if the person is new and has a good enough answer, it gets lurve.

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Can’t forget, you only get what you give.

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I’m usually pretty free with the lurve, even if it’s a point-of-view I don’t agree with. (For the latter, though, it needs to be a well-thought out and well-presented argument.)

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I’m a lurve whore, spreading my lurve about town with no regard for the consequences.

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@BoBo1946 Oh naughty, naughty… but fun!! LOLL

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What’s the point of giving “great answer” or “great question” if they’re not great?
I click that link analytically.

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I’m a lurve addict. I’ll give it to any jelly who isn’t being a douche.

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(I usually don’t mind giving accidental lurve, but it really really sucks when you accidentally give lurve to someone you’re arguing with…)

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I give out lurve to anyone who answers my questions as long as they don’t say something completely stupid or blatantly ignorant or offensive. Lurve is really just a silly arbitrary reward on a website that doesn’t amount to any tangible prestige in the real world, so I don’t see why people are so stingy about it sometimes, or why people take it so damn seriously.

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what does ‘maxed out on some people’ mean? are there limits

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@anartist Yes, you can only award someone 100 points that count toward their accumulated lurve. After that, it still shows up but doesn’t accrue.

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@janbb So do those of you with 20k have 200 people maxed out on you, or is that limit per day or week?

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It’s a lifetime limit. No way to know how many people are maxed out on you, but it does get harder and harder to accrue lurve. You constantly need….fresh meat.

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@janbb Wow, that makes our parties all the more amazing. I wondered why I received GAs a few times but no attached lurve.

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I’m fairly liberal, but I do hold back a bit with people I know I’ve maxed out on. I prefer them to get their first five GAs from somebody whose points will actually increase their score when I know mine won’t. If they already have 5, I pile it on.

@FireMadeFlesh, the most I can ever give you total is 100 points in GAs (20 GAs) that will count toward your score. After that all my GAs to you are firing blanks. The same with GAs you give me. And the same with respect to any other user. There’s also a max on GQs. AND—only the first 5 GAs or GQs count, no matter how many people give them. You can get 40 GAs for one answer, and the most it’s going to earn you is 25 points for the first 5. And if those 5 all come from people who’ve already maxed out on you, they count for zero.

This is a great system and I hope it never changes.

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@FireMadeFlesh They’re putting us all in a Skinner Box.

I give it freely to answers that are well-written, or questions that are juicy. I don’t mind if you write a lot or a little, as long as it seems like a genuine response, I’ll lurve it. I often want to give bonus lurve to those who make me laugh; some kind of chuckle-button. Laughter is such a rare treat.

I have to admit, I see some questions that are really popular (even ones that I’ve asked) and can’t really understand why so many jellies lurved them. I guess that’s just the randomness and diversity of Fluther.

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I usually only give lurve to my friends, or fantastic answers/questions.

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telling is like showing a poker hand.

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@Jeruba I had no idea it was that complex! Maybe I should hold back on people I give it to regularly as well – I might just have maxed out. Thanks for the help!

Thanks all for your responses.

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@FireMadeFlesh But even if they don’t get the ‘points’, they see that someone has appreciated their Q/A, and that, my friend, is the true meaning of lurve.

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@jeanmay Yes of course. I think @Jeruba‘s system deals with it well.

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a lot of “lurve” was shown on this question!

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Thanks for the info @Jeruba. I was just thinking the same as @FireMadeFlesh, I need to start paying more attention to who I have maxed out on as I don’t want to give them pointless love if they don’t have 5 GA’s on an answer yet.

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I am all for free love…cough sorry free lurve

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At least a good effort.

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