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Have you ever time traveled while intoxicated?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) April 26th, 2010

Time traveling (coined by my friend John) is when you black out for periods of time while drunk.

Have you ever time traveled? What was it like? What are some of your time traveling experiences? How long were they? Do you time travel often?

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Yes, but I’ll probably stop once there’s a specicfic law against it.

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@CodePinko You think they’ll make a law against drinking? Doubtful.

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No, I mean time travelling while intoxicated. (TTWI).

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Yes. Good term. Not only have I travelled through time in this manner, but also through space. Frequently I wake up in bed, praising my (so I thought, until now) unique ability.

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Yeah one time regrettably! I woke up and saw my car in the driveway and wondered how in the hell it got there! Never did figure it out. :( My friend says I never went anywhere in the first place and that is the story I am sticking to!

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@Cruiser Why, where do you usually park it?

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@jfos Side entrance to the bar!!

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@Cruiser Well, just be happy that whoever did that didn’t put it somewhere that you wouldn’t find it.

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No,but there is a full year of my life where I wish that happened…thanks alot,Psycho Bob! ;)

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It has happened on several occasions. Oh, and your friend definitely didn’t coin the phrase, my best friend and I have been saying “We don’t black out, we time-travel/teleport” for years!

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Unfortunately, no. I remember every conversation I’ve ever had with the toilet bowl.

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No, never. I’m too worried about my personal safety to allow that to happen.

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Blacking out being called time traveling was a term invented by Dave Attell

Yes, I have. It’s not so fun.

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I did that a few months ago when I was in the car with my boyfriend and a few friends. When he was driving us home, I was passed out in the back seat and we got stopped at a speed trap. The cop gave him some shit about it. I had no clue that we were stopped until he told me about it weeks later.

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Nope. I could never drink enough for that to happen. I can’t imagine losing control like that.

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Yes, that has happened to me, although not very much. This was primarily during the times when I was still figuring out how much of a lightweight I was and realized that drinking as much as my friends were drinking was going to have stronger effects on me than it did on them. Even so, I blacked out on the 17th. Crazy-ass shitshow of a day. :)

It’s not my favorite experience, going to be honest. There’s no point in getting drunk if you’re not even going to remember what happened. But the few times it’s happened to me, it usually involved me waking up (from actual sleeping) and feeling like only a few minutes had passed when really it had been hours.

Then I get to hear the embarrassing accounts of what I had done while blacked out.

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We should ask Doctor Who about this.

Although I don’t like that they changed him, it’s too bad, but 3 seasons is a long time. He will always be my favorite, and the one I think of when I hear “The Doctor”

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@boots and @Frankie I figured my friend didn’t actually invent the term, but I heard it first from him so to me, he invented it. :)

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@XOIIO Matt Smith is good!

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nope. i like drinking, but there is no enjoyment in getting so drunk that you vomit or black out. i like to be at a level where i am whacked out and clearly intoxicated, but i don’t need to go any further than that. after that, the fun stops and the worry begins. for me, anyhow. but then again i think my fear of vomiting is a lot stronger than most peoples, therefore i do watch my intake more closely.

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Once I woke up on the pavement outside my apartment after a particularly heavy session of time travelling….. I was cold & apparently had suffered some turbulence when re-entering this time period as my face was bruised & cut!

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@JeffVader Dude, you gotta take it easy. :)

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@JeffVader Once I woke up, remembering that I walked home from my friend’s party, but I didn’t remember actually getting home. I went downstairs to have coffee and saw that my father was on the front porch drinking coffee. I joined him, and he told me that he found me sprawled out on the back steps when he got home from work at like 4–5am. At least I wasn’t bruised and cut!

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@silverfly @jfos Hehehe, happy days :)

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