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When will the easily conned realize that political theatrics and histrionics happen for a reason?

Asked by ETpro (34503points) April 26th, 2010

I wondered this while reading a rant about Glenn Beck’s Televangelistic Shtick here. But it applies equally to Beck and any number of other political posturers and pundits.

Theatrics are rightly used on the stage and in the movies. We see an actor watch his wife get murdered before his eyes, and we totally understand his rage at the perpetrator, his horror at what happened and his heartbreak at his loss. But it is important to remember that he is acting. The lady that was shot was not his wife, but an actress. The blood wasn’t blood, it was stage blood. She isn’t dead, she’s just playing dead. And the gun didn’t have live ammunition, it was firing blanks.

The same is true when political televangelists like Glenn Beck do their scammer shtick. Like the famous televangelists, he and all his kind are in it for the money. How many times do the same people have to get fleeced before they start noticing the sheers in the con man’s hands?

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Um – never.

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The people who fall for these kinds of things in the first place are too gullible, hard-headed, or just plain daft to recognize the truth behind it. They either don’t believe or don’t want to accept that the people they’ve been following all this time are ridiculous frauds, and will therefore continue to fall for them infinitely.

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I guess those kindsa peeps wouldn’t be making any cash if the easily conned were to recognize the theatrics.

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Because people want to be entertained. Like when a magician is distracting you on one side of the stage and the switch is on the other side.

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Because nobody likes to get “Just the facts mam…” and Joe Friday never had a date.

We like spin. It fires our passions and reminds us we are alive. But unfortunately, most don’t comprehend that being alive to a lie also means being dead to the truth.

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Scammers are, naturally, in it for the money.

But what if this isn’t a scam?

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Then I’ll take my chances with Satan.

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I suspect that the ”..easily conned..” are diminishing rapidly, these days.
What with most of recorded knowledge at our fingertips.

Perhaps it won’t be so long now.

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When will people stop wanting to be stroked in that special way? It is easier to believe what you want to believe, you know. Things you don’t want to believe take a lot more effort, and fewer people are willing to put that effort in when the chances are they won’t like the answer, and fewer still when it will show them up as gullible in the first place.

When will people stop wanting to hear and believe as truth that which they desperately want to believe is truth?

When will people compare the entertainment to demonstrably true facts and, seeing the result, choose to believe the sad facts instead of the comfortable lie?

The answer, my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind.

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If it isn’t a scam, then viral promotion will get the word around. People naturally (natural selection) will chose to share stories of their good fortune. It’s the same with any meme virus that spreads… get the word out… and let Truth do its thing… fortune or folly.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies eing alive to a lie also means being dead to the truth How quotable. Thanks.

@lloydbird It seems just the opposite to me, but that may be the same error climate-change deniers make when they stick their head out the window on a particularly cold day in their neck of the wods. I sure hope you are right. I’d like to think we aren’t slowly sliding back to a time when superstition rules again as it did in the Dark Ages.

@laureth Yes, it must have been in that wind that tore through Mississippi.

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@ETpro I am right.



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