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What do you think of the Facebook page praying for the death of Obama?

Asked by ParaParaYukiko (6111points) April 27th, 2010

I just read this article about a specific Facebook page after hearing about it from a friend. The page is named this:


Now, I know it’s supposed to be a joke, and it’s based on a similar “prayer” about some governor nobody liked, and any Facebook page entitled in all caps should never be taken seriously anyway… But is this indicative of a more violent opposition to President Obama? Even with all the criticism of George W. Bush, I don’t remember seeing Facebook pages wishing for his death. Maybe there were, and I just didn’t see them…?

I don’t know, I just feel like some of this opposition has gone a little over the top. It’s one thing to make jokes about a president or criticize his policies, but… is there a point where it gets too far? Even though I didn’t think Bush was a good President, I didn’t want him to die. Sheesh.

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It’s dumb to spend any period of time wishing ill on anyone.

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I think it’s horrible. I don’t care how much you dislike the man, or disaagree with his decisions. He IS our president & he deserves our respect. I was ashamed to see some of my close friends get on the band wagon with this.

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It is a terribly tasteless and not very funny joke.

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Maybe the person really wanted the FBI’s attention.

I thought the intellectual capacity of the poster was pretty well established by the statement “Farrah Fawcett is my favorite actress”

Really? No actress has been better in the past 30 years?
In the stadium of life, I’m pretty sure this persons seat is listed as “obstructed view”.

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I think it accomplished exactly what it was intending. It has drawn attention to a loon. On a side note, there where plenty of people with similar things about Bush. They were also stupid.

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It’s disgusting.
It’s one thing to dislike a president’s politics, think he’s not qualified or not smart enough for the job. It’s another thing to publicly wish for the death of a man with young children who more than half the country voted for and supports.

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This is ridiculous. not to mention stupid.

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I’ve already argued with my sister about her joining it (she’s 14 and has been swept up by the family of a very religious friend).

While I’m sure someone started it as a joke, it’s pretty stupid to wish death on anyone.

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I think those people shouldn’t have children.

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Here is a Facebook page in opposition.

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Really? Really? Wishing the death of a man they don’t even know, and they would never admit to themselves why. Damn it. And there’s nothing anyone could say to get them to see how they’re thinking is messed up.

I was far from being a fan the policies of President Bush, the other President Bush or Reagan, but I was horrified when Reagan was shot.

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I think that these people need to get a life (it’s beyond ridiculous).

And, need to stop watching Fox news (conservative bullshit).

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One thing I think ignored in all this, is the poor taste in singers and actresses the creator has.

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@jjmah You are now almost as dumb as the Facebook person by insinuating that Fox news has any correlation.

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I never wished death on President Bush, or anyone else, but I’ll say this – when I criticized Bush, and when some more extreme people wished for his death, it was because he was directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, not because of his economic policies.

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@missingbite The inflammatory rhetoric of Fox NEWS personalities is certainly correlated with people making death threats against the President. Every one of my facebook friends who has joined that group also has posted items from Fox NEWS to their wall.

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@missingbite Easy there….......

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@Snarp: Yeah… I was about to say something like that. Its not so stupid.

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I saw that. It’s out of control.

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What do I think?

Welcome to politics.

But is this indicative of a more violent opposition to President Obama?

Yes all jokes should be taken absolutely seriously and require a massive over-reaction. Call in the tazers and TSA! We have a terrorist amongst us!

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@jbfletcherfan Then why are you facebook friends with people so unintelligent? It could be argued that there are people with left leaning thoughts that get their news from MSNBC that do the same thing. If they do, they are stupid. How much violence has come out of the Tea Parties? No arrests yet. NOBODY ON FOX NEWS WISHES FOR DEATH OR HAS HATE FOR OBAMA. They may not like his politics, but they don’t hate him as a person.

I watch Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS and form my own opinion. If more people did that we wouldn’t have some of the problems we have today.

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@missingbite I’m the one with unintelligent Facebook friends, not @jbfletcherfan. And I never said they were stupid, but some of them probably are. Others are just young and ignorant and will hopefully develop some wisdom with age.

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And are the people in this group the same people that followed him around on his campaign trail as though he were some kind of god?

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@Snarp Thanks for correcting me! @jbfletcherfan Sorry!

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@Snarp I guess what I am saying is that if anyone, and a lot of people do, get all their ideas from one side, they are stupid. You don’t have to say it, I will.

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@missingbite I’m not going to give an opinion one way or the other about Fox News. I don’t watch it. Never have, probably never will, so I have no idea about what they say on there. We watch our local news out of Des Moines.

I was just calling you on being insulting to @jjmah. She’s a friend of mine & I didn’t appreciate seeing that. You can disagree without getting snarky.

Apology accepted.

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@jbfletcherfan Point made and I am also a fan of JBFletcher!

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@missingbite Yeah, I didn’t appreciate the comment.

No reason to be an asshole.

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They went just too far.
What ever happened to “If you criticize a president during wartime, you are unamerican, unacceptable, treasonous and boosting the morale of terrorists”?
Oh, that only applied to Bush. My bad.

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Truth is, I hate the political use of Facebook in general. I make a great effort not to post political arguments on my Facebook wall, and it truly annoys me when my friends who I disagree with politically put them up on there’s. Particularly when the material is inflammatory or simply false. There’s an old saying about discussing politics and religions, and people on Facebook are actually my friends, or at least acquaintances and I don’t want to have those kinds of arguments with them. Put up something stupid and now I either have to correct you and put the smack down, or just let you hang your ignorance out their in the breeze possibly corrupting others. I hate being in that position. On Fluther I don’t care, people come to those questions looking for a fight, but I don’t log on to Facebook looking for a fight, I log on to see what my friends are up to. Plus the whole layout of Facebook is not conducive to a particularly useful argument.

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@jjmah I am sorry I snapped at you. I should not have done that. I guess I get irritated when I hear people blaming this or that because they may not agree with them. Bias is in the media on both sides.

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I for one don’t care. I assume prayer for this or that to be as effective as doing nothing.

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I find it unpleasant and only barely ‘funny’. It’s in bad taste.

It is not a death threat though. And while I have read that President Obama has four times as many death threats as Bush – it is worth noting that there hasn’t been (and I hope there never will be) an actual attempt on Obama’s life. Those making the threats (real ones) should be investigated/contained/arrested/sentenced/killed as appropriate.

There is no room for my side/your side with regard to assassinating American leaders.

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Dubya’s hatedom was somewhat more old-fashioned, and kept most of their ill will on forums and in demonstrations.

I can understand the page-maker’s feelings, certainly. But this is not what is meant by “pray for your leaders.”

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@Nullo Yeah, I think you’re right. One drawback of Facebook becoming so wildly popular is that you get jackoffs like these creating ridiculous pages all willy-nilly and inviting all their friends to join. It’s just another form of internet drama, unfortunately.

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It’s stupid but it’s the Internet, and this example is just one of many which illustrates how cruel we can be, even indirectly. As for Bush, I’m positively certain there were pages wishing for his death. Hell I remember websites in high school similar to that, but for celbreties like Backstreet Boys or the Mofats or however you spell it.
But really they’re just jokes. I think? If it’s serious I wouldn’t worry about it, just someone who needs therapy, but if it’s humour, no matter how tasteless it might be to some, it’s just that, humour. I mean maybe Obama thought it was funny. XD

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Lucky for Obama that praying has never brought an ounce of will to any person.

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It is called free speech.

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@msmary No one is saying people aren’t constitutionally allowed to paste that word vomit as their FB status.

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@msmary Its called a mentally ill person using free speech to get much needed attention. The fact that Farrah Fawcett was a favorite actress means they have to be insane.

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I’d like to say I’m surprised and maybe even shocked but in all honesty, this is the Internet after all and you can find and/or see just about anything from the most mundane to the totally unbelievable and everything inbetween.

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@missingbite Of course he doesn’t hate Obama. It’s not like Obama is Michael Moore or anything.

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@dverhey Thanks for pointing that out. Here is a link to a SFO radio host calling for the death of Joe The Plumber. He is also a contributor to the Huffington Post Website. I am sure there are more but that one came to mind.

My point is this. There are loons on both sides. Stay informed by both sides and don’t ignore one or the other because of a couple of bad examples. Should I not read the Huffington Post because of this idiot? Granted Fox is a large organization and Beck should not have said what he said. But that doesn’t make the whole network crazy.

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Fair enough, and I completely agree with your assessment of loons on both sides. I don’t really take issue with the ideas Fox News has, I take issue with the people that worship it like the bible and cut gas lines because of it. Although the Huffington Post may be just as bad as Fox News, they don’t get noticed because people just toss the kind of shit said there over their shoulder and forget about it as opposed to rallying in the streets.

Such is life, though…

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It is major stupid and major tacky. It also seems a bit incoherent. The text I read in this thread and in the link doesn’t actually say “praying for death.” I don’t know what guidelines FB has for this stuff. It has guidelines for nudity [none, if it is brought to our attention—but Spencer Tunick is exempt] and other things that might be found undesirable for children. It gets rid of spammers and hustlers trying to start groups. I suppose it would get rid of overt terrorist threats, And hate language. But moronic stupidity? It gets fuzzy when FB clamps down on stupid crap like this.

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I once saw a guy with a shirt that said “Assassinate Bush”. I was against that too.

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@Captain_Fantasy How about the “Meese is a pig” T-shirt worn by a courier making a delivery to Justice Department offices when he was Attorney General?

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@Captain_Fantasy Me too. Not that I saw it, but that I’d be against it. I think Bush was a terrible president, and unequipped for the position. But to advocate for his assassination? Disgusting.

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There was some computer game going around many years back called “Kill Bill” when Bill Clinton was in office. It was really about Bill Gates, not that it really matters who it was about. The ridiculous thing is that my government office IT dept removed it not because it was a time waster but because it was a “death threat.”

Remember the popularity of the shoe game after Dubyah got “shoed” by the Iraqui reporter?

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Praying for the death of Obama? Sounds like authoritarian anarchy and should be added to the list of moronic oxymorons.

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@mattbrowne An anarchist wants no government. These people only want a non-Barakian government.

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Authoritarian anarchy is just an example of another moronic oxymoron.

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@mattbrowne Just so you know, you’re sounding a bit redundant. :D

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@Nullo – Redundancy in this case was my attempt at humor ;-)

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The fact that the prayer hypocritically focuses on Obama (while presuming to ignore Bush) bothers me more than the tasteless humor and the death wish.

And then there’s Pastor Steven Anderson of Tempe, AZ, who really did pray for President Obama’s death in a sermon. And just like the stupid funny prayer above, where was this pastor when Bush was President?

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