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A question involving fruit

Asked by Riser (3485points) March 12th, 2008

I just punctured an orange peel with my teeth, in order to peel the orange (didn’t want to shuffle to the kitchen for a knife at this hour) at the moment of puncture the orange made a sound similar to when a bus stops, a kind of “poof.” is that caused by the acidity or did I just experience a rare phenomena that can only be coined “orange fart?”

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Ha ha!! Orange fart!! I don’t have the answer, but I’d be kind of afraid to eat it!!

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Farting oranges? Lol, now I’ve heard it all… I’m no expert on fruit or anything, but it was probably some kind of pressure release or something. Idk, maybe I’m wrong.

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It was sweet to the taste and was perfectly ripe so I ruled out “spoiled.”

I know this sounds like a pointless question but I genuinely wanted to know.

I wikied and googled this turning up nothing, just to let the good folks know.

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You were just hearing the sound of inflation ($)’s a new feature in all commodoties, your orange was just an early adopter of the new FDA regulations concerning truth-in-advertising…

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so if I have gas that reaks of leather bound books, hair spray and teeth whitener, then we’ll know.

But seriously. I really hope somone can answer my question because I want to know.

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I think sndfreQ was on the right track with inflation. You ever get those blown up plastic puffy things in your packages? And when you deflate them by puncturing a hole it kinda makes a “poof” sound. I imagine an orange is the same, not in that it’s filled with air, but in that there’s some kind of gaseous pressure being built up in it.

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Maybe the gases are sealed in by the wax applied to them. You might be able to find out more here:

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Being in the produce industry for over 20 years I admit Ive never “quite” heard this…. What type of orange was it? Most likely if the fruit was not spoiled, then it was just gas escaping… If it had been “bad” then it may have been a combo of mold and gas.

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It wasn’t bad Kiwano and… I have never heard of this before either, which is why I had to ask the Fluther collective. It was very peculiar.

Scamp, thank you for the link.

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You’re welcome. Did it help?

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what did it smell like? did the orange taste bitter at all? if so, maybe you were cleaning our house with a basic solution, such as many kitchen and bathroom cleaners and the acidity of the orange reacted with the basic gasses in the air. it would have tasted a bit bitter and different thn a regular orange. did the room smell funky or anything? also, was there water produced? maybe it was extra juicy becuse of this.

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It wasn’t very juicy but, once opened, it had the look of an orange that was not going to be very sweet and it ended up tasting like it was injected with sugar.

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