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What is Rihanna Rude Boy about?

Asked by johnny0313x (1840points) April 27th, 2010

I don’t understand this song, I feel like there is a deeper meaning then just some boy that is rude…any ideas?

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a Rude Boy is a type of Jamaican gang member. She likes their style, so she wants one to “love her love her” lol…no deepness there.

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I don’t know the song, but I know it’s a pop tune. Maybe it’s not that deep.

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Rude boy? As in Ska?
My opinion of her in on the cusp of going up slightly.

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sex sex sex
(only rude depending on who you’re askin)

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I don’t know that there is a “deeper meaning”. If you listen to the lyrics it’s pretty obvious. It’s a song about a guy who thinks he’s hot shit and Rihanna is challenging him to step up and prove himself. Is he “big” enough? Can he get it up? Pretty sure that’s the only meaning to the song…

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Maybe this guy version can help make sense of things. Oooooh it’s steamy.

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ohhh wow…dirty…i mean i can’t say that I didn’t assume there were many sexual things being spoken of…but now that i focus on the words and think about it a bit more…tsk tsk rihanna.. :P

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@shadling21 even better than the original :P got a great voice too

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I doubt there’s much more to it than what @ItalianPrincess1217 described, but I absolutely love that song. It’s wonderfully catchy and fun to listen to and it works wonders at parties. It’s also in E-flat minor, which is a really rarely-used key.

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It’s a remake of a reggae song that Rihanna took… but with different beats and tempos..

I think it’s a sexual song, she’s interested in a boy who is “rude”, a thug/rebel/badass, and she wants him to f* her…. “love me, love me, rude boy can you get it up,” etc

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