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I have a Question about Lymph Nodes?

Asked by nena (1points) April 29th, 2010

After a 2 Month cough i developed large Lymph nodes under my arms, after antibiotics and a wait of six months to re take the ultra sound the lymph nodes were still visible, a CT scan showed i have abdominal lymph nodes as well, a biopsy is scheduled soon, should i worry?

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And your Doctor said…?

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I know it probably sounds cliche and stupid, but really… worrying won’t change the situation. If anything, it will further compromise your health. So, no, try hard not to worry about it until you know for sure there’s something to worry about. You’re already taking action by seeing a doctor and scheduling a biopsy. Don’t worry, just stay proactive and realistic.

I apologize for being a hypocrite, by the way. I am known famously in my social and family circles for worrying about everything… but I think it’s good advice, even if I can’t take it myself.

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Um everyone has lymph nodes in their lower abdominal area.. or did I misunderstand your question? There shouldn’t be anything to worry about, you get swollen lymph nodes when you’re bodies fighting off infection and foreign bodies. If they stay swollen you may have an autoimmune disease but that’s jumping to conclusions a bit too early. Just get some sleep and don’t worry.

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Either you’re not getting all the info from your doctor or you’re not telling the whole story. We all have lymph nodes. They are part of our lymphatic system. Please read this and get back to me about any questions….

Worrying does nothing but lower your immune system. Rather than worry, change your diet and exercise habits to increase the power of your immune system. (cut out processed food, sugar, alcohol,.... walk rather than drive the two blocks to the store)

Did the doctor say they were suspect of something? Did they take a throat culture? Draw blood? What were the results? You have to give us a bit more to go on here.

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