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What's your favorite thing about your pet(s)?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) April 29th, 2010

My favorite thing about my Poof (which I’ve mentioned before) is when I put one hand on each side of her face, kiss her right on the top of her head, and I say “kissy head” and she knows the phrase and will pester me if I don’t do it first thing when I walk in the door.

As for the Mook, I love how she grabs my arm with her paw and deliberately pulls my hand to her head.

What about your pets always brings you joy?

I need some damn happy thoughts tonight… humor me here.

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doggie smiles…...

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she looks like a mop and she is the happiest thing ever. total mutt. most pleasant excited dog ever too. she gets dreadlocks if we dont brush her. she eats the trash and gets a guilty look on her face that is the funniest thing ever.

grizzy bear is a big german shepherd but he thinks he’s the mother to the baby goats every year, which i think is fuckin hilarious. he’s a big dope.

and i have the sassiest cat ever. he comes in the back door and goes out the front to make a shortcut around the yard. he is the epitomy of attitude.

they are all 1600 miles away. i miss them so much. im having a moment.

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@deni: I know the feeling. My babies had to live elsewhere for 9 months, and I cried countless times missing them.

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this picture makes my life :’)

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Where do I start?
My fish are gorgeous.
My hamster is curious. It’s fascinating to watch.
My rabbits are cuddly and adorable.
The Jack Russels are loyal and keep me warm inside my sleeping bag when we go camping.
The Coonhound runs to the end of the driveway and runs beside the car until you pull in the parking spaces. When you get out, he about knocks you down with kisses.
The goats are precious.
The horses… I could write a novel about all of them. I’ve ranted enough about them around here, though.

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@deni: Whoa, your dog IS a mop!! LOL

I used my favorite picture as my avatar.. ;)

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He’s a very unique pet that I can almost guarantee no one else here on fluther has and he only needs to get fed 3 times a week :P

Meet waldo :P

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My dog is like a dog version of Russell. He’s chubby, has way too much energy, and won’t stop pestering you. I love it when I come home from work and he gets the zoomies.

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Radar is just the happiest dog I’ve ever met. He’s never met a person he didn’t like – babies, children, and so forth.

For a rescue who was found skin & bones, ½ his normal body weight, I never met a dog with so few issues. He has a permanent case of “happy tail.”

He’s a fairly smart dog and his training is going well. But he simply cannot get the point of fetch. He’ll happily go and “touch” anything I point to. He loves tug games. But throw a ball or toy & he just looks at you like, “Why’d you do that?”

My cats are different. They are both adoptions as well, but mostly they often stick to themselves.

Buffy is the “grand old man” – an aging Burmese who rarely plays or wants attention, so when he comes to me for petting it’s truly special.

Domino, a b&w ASH, likes to fetch paper balls, a trick he taught me when he was a kitten. He’s the one who likes to wake me up by patting me on the cheek. He & Radar will play, and end up in the dogs bed cleaning each other.

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I have to bring up my Sherman… a purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi who passed away a few years ago… but he was the happiest dog on the planet… and he used to run out into the yard, sniff furiously at some spot on the lawn, and then flop almost violently onto his back and roll and thrash his chubbo body around with his tiny little legs flailing in the air, with the biggest doggie grin on his face. I’m too lazy to find a Corgi picture, but they have legs that are probably about 3 inches long and very stout, sturdy bodies. Their legs almost look like someone shrunk them, like a shrunken head… and the tiny stubby legs in the air are what made it so funny :)

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From my big stupid dog, I like the feeling of fresh warm poop in a bag. If I get to it soon enough, it’s like putting on a custom made oven mitt. I also enjoy the morning waft of hot breathing dog jowl greeting me in the morning.

From my evil cat, the little Satan bitch jumps in bed and bites my hair at night when I’m sleeping. It’s lovely how she claws deep into my back and refuses to let go until I scream in pain and throw a shoe at her as she darts out of the room. That’s 14 years of hard times lovin’ at its finest.

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Flower: She is 9 years old and still plays like she is a kitten, wiggle butt and all.
Mushroom: He rears up on his hind legs to meet my hand when I bend down to pet him. I call him my pony because of it.
Blackberry: She has the weirdest meow. It sounds like a chirping bird.
Jelly: She is my morning kitty. Somehow she always knows when I wake up and she is on top of me and purring within seconds.
Cali: She is the only cat that doesn’t take shit from my bratty boy. She knows how to handle him. She flirts.

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One thing think is cute about my kitty is he loves his tummy rubbed. I’ve not known many cats that love a tummy rub. Usually they are too ticklish to want a tummy rub. However this furball flips on his back in front of any visitor and waits for someone to rub the royal tum tum . Of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s absolutely adorable !

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My daughter’s big old cat loves her belly rubbed, too! Rarely see that. My Lacey cat who has passed away used to lick my hair at night. Was she trying to clean the hairspray off? Anyway, I often woke up with a piece of hair sticking straight up, or straight out! She had the loveliest loud purr. My daughter’s little dog (who lives here) is a Bichon/poodle and is sooo cute in his personality. He watches tv sometimes and cocks his head side to side trying to understand. He’ll do that when we are talking to him as well. He was also a nighttime trash sneaker and would skulk out of sight when we found out!

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I wrote personalized songs for each of my cats using their names in it.
Each cat knows their song.
They will come to me every time I sing it.
One cat meows along with me. They all puuurrr really loud when I sing too.

I receive gratitude licks too!

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I could go on and on about my cat and I think I have the makings of a crazy cat lady. Anyway, Kali is a super-smart, super-sweet, super-friendly little daredevil. She got her name (Goddess of Destruction) because when we first got her she was understimulated in the apartment and would tear stuff up, papers especially.. no paper towel or toilet paper roll would go unmangled, I have books that have kitty teeth and claw marks, and all small objects would be knocked onto the floor (at the very least). She knows commands, which she listens to most of the time. Everyone is always amazed at how friendly she is, she will walk up to random strangers outside and say hello.. she even persistently tried to go into a neighbor’s house. She’s insanely lovey and often wakes me up in the middle of the night or morning by purring loudly and rubbing her face all over mine, particularly my nose. Lastly, she is a jumper. I have seen her jump 5 feet straight up, no running start. Her new thing is to climb up the 8’ wisteria in the yard so she can wander around on the pergola and play in the leaves.

She’s snuggly and soft and best of all, she does head butts! I love that.

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My chi-weiner Jack is so smart. He’s a little over 1 year old, built like a fat, little sausage, and looks like a burnt twinkee. He can tell whose car is whose out of the four people who live in the house. It must the chihuahua in him, cause he loves to burrow under the blankets and sleep at your feet. He slept on the floor with my dad and their sleeping positions changed together.

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Katy is our black kitteh. She’s a little fattie, with tiny little feet. They hurt when she walks on you… too much weight supported by too little foot! Naturally, she loves to walk all over us in the middle of the night, meowing her crazy meow until one of us wakes up enough to start petting her. She’s extremely sweet, and clumsy as hell. To jump up on anything bed-height or taller, she has to wind herself up like a spring, taking several false starts as a warm-up before she attempts the actual jump. Half the time, she misses! She has the softest fur I’ve ever felt on an animal. So silky and smooth. :)

Chance is our ginger. She was a Christmas rescue kitty, and very nearly didn’t live. She was skeletal and had a nasty upper respiratory infection when we got her. Lucky for us (and her) she made it. She’s quite ancy, and never settles down for a good petting. Always dancing just out of reach after a rub against your hand or leg. You have to kind of force her to sit still for a minute, and then she’ll happily lay there for hours. She enjoys getting under the covers in bed, or having an arm thrown over her. I think it makes her feel secure. She’s the opposite of Katy in size and agility. She once attacked and brought down a bat in our house. My hero!

She has some extremely odd habits, though… A) She is always gagging herself over the chair rungs, or the edge of a box or laundry basket; B) She will lick any kind of plastic bag like it’s the best thing she’s ever tasted and C) She ‘loses’ us when she can’t see us. She’ll cry loudly in the hall when I go to the bathroom, or when we’re in bed at night. We have to talk to her to let her know where we are.

They both play fetch, which I’d never seen a cat do until I adopted these guys.

I love my kittehs!

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@augustlan Aww your kitties are soooo gorgeous. @MissAnthrope your kitty is so beautiful too. She looks like she loves being up high like that. Waldo certainly looks like a character for a fish! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos everyone. It really made my night!

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Adorable cute gorgeous faithfull wow factor Awwwwwwww she’s too much.

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My favorite thing about my 28 yr old Amazon parrot is that he comments appropriately. Rudy always starts the day with ‘good morning and hello’. Every day is like a comedy being played out. He greets guests loudly with ‘do you love Rudy?”. We’re working on ‘hello’, but I think he wants to know he’s loved, before he gives them any attention. Living with a pet that speaks his mind is quite humbling, never boring, and always touches my heart.

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the fact that she worships the ground I walk on.

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@all – Cuuute pictures. Waldo is great.. I know I should know what kind of fish that is, remind me?

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I’m sorry but Waldo kind of looks like a booger with eyes O.o To each his own!

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I think Waldo is the cutest rock fish in the world.
I didn’t think about pictures! I want to play the picture game too!
Nippet and Stella:
Cal When he was a baby and used for the petting zoo :’)
That’s my summary. I have no idea where the pictures of the dogs went.

Note: I’ve been crafting a response for a hour because I had to make an emergency slurpee run.

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Waldo is a Antennarius Angler or more commonly known as a Frogfish. See the little lure sticking out of his head? He waves that around to attract prey to him while using camouflage to blend into his surroundings (wheres waldo) then when the fish goes to bite the lure he eats them.

Fun fact: frogfish have the fastest bite of any animal.

Waldo is even a celebrity. He made it into a south jersey paper :P

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@uberbatman – I couldn’t think of the name.. angler fish! That’s it. Yeah, I think he’s cool. :)

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I have always had dogs as pets. I have occasionally have other types as well.

My older dog, Walker, is a 10 year-old Rottie-Shepherd whom I adopted as a puppy. He is affectionate, calm and gentle with children and other dogs. He is more than a pet to me. I regard him as a friend. He values my time and attention and I value his companionship. When a neighbour tried to poison him with strychnine when he was two, I medicated him to control the convulsions, stayed by his side and kept him hydrated for 48 hours until he recovered. My relief and joy when he showed signs of recovery can not be overstated. He never wants to be far away from me and he obeys my instructions as if he were remotely controlled by my voice. I hope to have him for as many more years as possible. I can’t think about his eventual demise without feeling like crying.

My younger dog, Mocha, is a one year-old Australian Cattle dog (Red Heeler) cross. She is energetic, playful and affectionate. Still possessing a puppy brain, she is still learning her place in the dominance hierarchy. She spent much of her first six months cuddling with me and being held in my arms or on my lap. I have had to break that pattern because she has gotten to big and heavy for me to be comfortable with her jumping on and off my lap or standing on me while I sit on my chair. She is a quick learner and her playfulness has increased Walker’s activity level and he seems to enjoy her company (most of the time).

With my wife out of town right now and for the next few months on important family business, these two dogs keep me company and give me cause to laugh and smile frequently.

In our family, my wife and I frequently travel with the dogs. They are good travellers and despite the occasional inconvenience this presents, we rarely want to travel without them.

I am grateful for the lives of my current and previous pets. They enrich my life and give me much more than the require or demand.

As a psychologist, I have a better than average insight into human personality and behaviour. The more I know about most people, the more I like my dogs. They are guileless, consistent and loyal. They would do anything in their power to protect me. When I am sick or in severe pain, Walker hardly ever leaves my side. He tries so hard to comfort me with shows of affection and his constancy of attention.

Not only do I have a wonderful relationship with my wife and most of my children, but I have these dogs that make me smile when I really need to. I’m glad they are part of our pack.

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@uberbatman Rockfish =/= frogfish, but I prefer to think of him as a rock.

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rockfish are types of groupers though. He’s kinda related to stonefish though.

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My pair of new kitten/cata, Mia & Gizzi, ( they both just turned one ) are a constant source of amusement and fun.

It’s been years since I had youngsters around and they are quite the dynamic duo. I am loving watching them get turned onto the the new wonderland of their lives on my 5 acres of woodlands and their experiences with all the wildlife from lizards and frogs to deer and raccoons, as well as their acclimation to the domestic barnyard scene between my geese and the neighbors sheep, Llamas, horse and donkeys.

My old cat pal Gadwicke died of heart failure in May at the age of 14. What to say about Gad?

He was THE most awesome cat, smart, loyal, and protective..more than once he jumped big dogs that wandered onto the property and they didn’t know what hit them, 15 lbs. of furious attack cat riding them up the driveway like a bronc buster! lol

Gad will be missed forever, the toughest ’ little gay man’ of the forest! haha

The geese..those guy’s! :-)

Marwyn is THE smartest goose to ever live. Comes in the house and heads for the bread bowl on the pie rack, knows about 20 words, likes to be sung to while I play my drums and will let me know by gong up to the Djembe on the deck and ‘boinking’ it with his beak!

‘Our’ song is the Shaggy rendition of ‘Angel’...and he is all ears when I super impose his name into the lyrics…’ You’re my darlin’ MARWYN!’ lol

Ask him if he ‘wants to sing a little ’ and he answers enthusiastically!
Follows me everywhere and is more of a dog than a goose. He is the most special strange little friend!

The neighbors minature donkeys might as well be mine…always at my gate where our properties converge and braying for apples and oatbread treats! Follow my car up the driveway and stand in head hanging despair as the keeper of the apples drives away.

I love living with an entire circus of critters around me! lol

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They all sound so special it makes me want to go out and get more bichons and kittens, too! But Aimee, 5, became jealous and just stared at me when I was holding my daughter’s Maltese. It made me too sad to do it to her again. I kept the Maltese for her 3 months. She tried for 4 months but I knew her game and we gave it to a retired couple who raised Poms. They said they love that Maltese more than any dog they ever had and the first night the wife let the dog sleep right on her stomach. Aimee came out of her funk. Aimee is an exceptionally affectionate bichon with a beautiful face who stares at me each night at 7pm to “accompany” her to her pen to sleep. She won’t just go in there; I have to walk with her. Her husband Donnie, 4, is a mix from a very loud and crazy puppy mill. I bet he weighs 35 lb. at least. He’s black and white, real curly like Aimee and his thing is to play fetch. He likes six doggie toys to be in one room near each other. If one is put up somewhere he knows it and cries for it.

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