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Do you love your pet more than your partner?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15724points) April 2nd, 2014

Inspired by this article and this recent question.

From the article:

“Here are 7 indications you love your dog (cat, bunny, hamster or other pet) more than your spouse:

1. You greet your dog first when you come home.
2. You shower your dog with compliments.
3. You constantly post pictures of your dog online.
4. You have an adorable nickname for your dog.
5. You talk your problems out with your pooch.
6. You compare your spouse’s love for you to your dog’s.
7. You ignore your spouse’s allergies and insist your dog sleep in the bed.”

Do any of these things ring true for you?



1. Of course I greet my dog first. She’s right there at the door, excited to see me and give me kisses. If my husband was standing at the door when I walked in, he’d get attention, too.
2. Daisy loves compliments. Common ones are: (in a Valley Girl voice) “Oh my God, you are so thin. What’s your secret?” and “I love your outfit. Did you grow it yourself?” and of course “You’re so beautiful.”
3. Nope. I find constant picture posting of any kind obnoxious.
4. Only if “Daisy Waisy Weed” is adorable.
5. Nope.
6. Hmm…not yet.
7. No allergies, but she’s out of the bed because the fur she left behind was ridiculous.

So I guess I don’t love Daisy more than my husband. Close, though. :)

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Nope, but at times I like them better. They don’t sass back,just pure joy and love.

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Nope. Not even close. I think a better question would be “Do you love your child(ren) more than your partner?” That would be a difficult one to answer.

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That’s a NO for all seven questions.

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@Juels That’s a little to serious for my tastes. This was just for fun.

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If I loved my pet more than my spouse, I should not be with that spouse.

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Since my partner is now my Ex that’s an easy one to answer.

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Ahem…not a serious question people! Of course no one should love their dog more than their spouse. Let’s lighten things up a little bit, shall we?

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Haha, because I am single and my puppy will be here Monday, he will be the love of my life. If he isn’t allowed on our dates then I won’t ever have to answer this question. He will NOT be in my bed, but I will probably crawl into his.

I still laugh at Daisy Waisy Weed, and I will probably adopt asking Oda if he grew his outfit himself. Hilarious.

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On the basis that my SO reads these questions… Of course not.
Hehehe, the truth of it is, though, that I love my SO more then my cats, but it is a close call at times! :)

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@GloPro Sadly, I cannot claim the outfit thing. That has Jenna Marbles (a YouTuber) written all over it. :)

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The one that jumped out here was regarding pet allergies. I am allergic to cats, and my wife just said “live with it!”. Her having the cat was more important than my suffering with allergies.

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No. I greet my wife first, shower her with compliments, hug, kiss and stop there as that is about all I will do with my dog at my feet staring up at me.

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Now that I think of it, even before we got animals, my husband and I never consistently exchanged a hug or kiss when returning home from work every day. An exchange of “hey” is our typical greeting. We usually kiss before we go to sleep, but it seems like an odd habit to kiss whenever one of you comes home. I mean, I know plenty of people do it, but it just seems odd to me. I prefer spontaneous kisses to habitual “we do this every day” kisses.

Daisy, however, demands hello kisses, and she gets them from both of us every single day.

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I’m single, but I’m answering anyway.
1. You greet your dog first when you come home.
Nope. As part of her anti-separation-anxiety training, we learned not to greet her until we’d been home for a couple of minutes.
2. You shower your dog with compliments.
Hm…I wouldn’t say ‘shower’, but I compliment her whenever I cuddle her, and that’s a lot, so…
3. You constantly post pictures of your dog online.
Not even once, I think.
4. You have an adorable nickname for your dog.
5. You talk your problems out with your pooch.
No. She’s great for crying over, though.
6. You compare your spouse’s love for you to your dog’s.
Don’t have a spouse.
7. You ignore your spouse’s allergies and insist your dog sleep in the bed.”
I’m positive I wouldn’t do that. I like my dog in the bed, but I’d be fine with doing that occasionally, or moving to the couch for cuddles. I think letting your SO be miserable like that is pretty mean.

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1. You greet your dog first when you come home.
I do because they come running when I come in the door. My husband doesn’t. If he did I’d think he was an idiot.

2. You shower your dog with compliments.
I often tell her she is a good dog. Who “showers” their spouse with compliments anyway, unless they just started dating?

3. You constantly post pictures of your dog online.
I’ve posted about the same number of pictures of my dog as I have my husband. 99% of my pics are of my kids and grandkids.

4. You have an adorable nickname for your dog.
Well, Dakota is Wufus and Dutchess is Yupid. Rick is Asshole!

5. You talk your problems out with your pooch.
No, I don’t. I also don’t talk them out with my husband.

6. You compare your spouse’s love for you to your dog’s.
Nope. Would never cross my mind.

7. You ignore your spouse’s allergies and insist your dog sleep in the bed.
Wouldn’t do that. That’s just RUDE.

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who smells better?

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@Adirondackwannabe is that a verb or an adjective?

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I guess it could go either way. My nose was broken twice, and you haven’t smelled my s/o or my pet.
(That I know of)

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@Dutchess_III about covered my reaction to this question. I have a S/O but not a pet, and I’ve never two-time a pet by having a S/O at the same time.

1. You greet your dog first when you come home.” brings a mental of someone’s partner sliding across the floor to see them as they key in. Ludicrous.

2. You shower your dog with compliments.” Um, well, if I had to compliment my S/O on their potty habits, ability to catch a stick and lack of furniture damage, THEY would be my ‘pet’.

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1. No. Nobody come out to greet me. I don’t have a dog, my pet fish only come to me when they’re hungry, and unless I’m unable to open the door my family just doesn’t take the trouble to greet me because they are too busy with their things! And no one will take any attention when I greet them.
2. I AM THE ONE WHO NEED COMPLIMENTS HERE! And I rarely expect it from my family, and my fish can’t talk.
3. NEVER! I NEVER TAKE PICTURE OF ANY HUMAN BEING, LET ALONE SOME FUCKING FISH! Seriously, I’m not into taking photos, and I don’t have the right “equipment” to do so.
4. Err… What the hell should I name my fish? Andy, Joe, Randy, Mary, Tommas, Linda… OH MY GOSH MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLORE AND MY MOUTH’S CHIPPING OUT! There are just too many of them. And some of them look pretty much alive. How the hell can I name and then remember all of them? Well, and I don’t need to name my family member since they already have names.
5. Did I say my fish couldn’t talk? Moreover, they sure as hell can’t understand what I’m talking about and just swimming around like they don’t care. I can’t talk to my family either, since there are some “problems” which will stir anger in them. I prefer talk my problem out here or with a good friend instead.
6. I can never compare, because how can I compare a person with an animal?
7. I ignore both my family’s and my fish’s allergies and sleep alone :)

So in short, I don’t care a shit if that’s my pet or my partner (whatever you mean by “partner”) I LOVE NO ONE! ~

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Oh, and disclaimer: _everything I wrote above is purely for fun and for another perspective of the question. There’s absolutely no truth here well, except for the fact that I do have some pet fish and I live with my parents. So don’t take it personally and don’t blame me to be too demanding and unemotional please! :p

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No. I do agree my dog is my best friend, but I wouldn’t say he’s more important than my husband or kids because both my pet and family are on two different levels. I do love them and care for them and they are all important to me but in different ways.

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Hahaha…so funny, and yes, I did, do,
“Marwyn” my 16 yr. old chinese swan goose in my avatar is the love of my life.
My ex husband hated him, but he was jealous of anything that took my attentions away from him. Such is the nature of the pathological narcissist.

When I divorced my ex after 22 years of marriage, I put myself in a year of therapy, and it was so hilarious…I told my therapist that my ex would say ” You love that goose more than me.” She just laughed and said ” You probably did!” lol
She wrote me a glowing review during the horrible divorce scene and custody issues with our daughter, stating that ” Ms. B. is a highly intelligent woman of great insight, an excellent parent and a great role model for her daughter.”

She then asked if I would bring Marwyn to visit her other therapy clients. haha
Aaaah…vindication is sweet!

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“My mouth is chipping out.” Gotta remember that one! LOL!

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You just HAD to mention Marwyn’s ethnicity, didn’t you Coloma. You are so racist!!!

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Question posed on behalf of @ragingloli:

They can’t be one and the same?

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^^^ Sounds like Raggie!

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