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This guy is clearly without reason on his connection of a nude march & being gay, right?

Asked by rpm_pseud0name (8193points) April 30th, 2010

Newspaper article… A nude march (topless only) was held for woman (men were welcome to join too) to represent their rights to go topless on a hot day. In the town, the law states that no genitalia can be shown, which makes it legal for woman to go topless. The real point of my question is about the conservative activist who gave the following quotes to the news. He called public nudity, “the most objectionable feature of homosexual rights marches.” And another quote is, “the promotion and presentation of public nudity is a staple of the homosexual rights movement.” Now, does this man have any ground to stand on for his statements? I don’t care if you want to be homophobic, but isn’t this just plain ignorant of a person to assume that nudity is a part of being gay? I mean, there are nude beaches everywhere, both gay & straight. Does this guy just have a major chip on his shoulder, or is there a connection between the two that I just don’t see?

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I think it’s a leap. I do remember, possibly incorrectly, one of the groups either participating/organizing was a gay/women’s rights group- so perhaps that’s where this came from.

Either way, I don’t recall it being a gay pride march so I think he just got caught in the “I don’t believe in homosexuality but God those two girls in that video are hot but NO I don’t believe in- ahhhh!” cycle that seems to strike so many.

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I know plenty of people who hold his view – they are unable to see the marches for what they represent to the multitude of people involved in them and only see what they find objectionable which is subjective and irrelevant. I’m glad the nude march for women was held – I think it’s ridiculous that women can’t go topless (and please, hold all of your ‘hell yeahs’ if all you give a hoot about is staring at boobs for your pleasure). Many people who are ignorant think a sexuality other then heterosexuality is all about nudity or sex when this is simply untrue.

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It’s mistaken, but it’s also common. People tend to lump “all those sexual things out of the mainstream” together, whether it’s topless women marchers, teh gay, people who want to marry their coffeetable, etc.

It’s all a big slippery slope once you get out of the Missionary Position, I guess.

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In SF just about half of all parades have naked people.
Most of them probably aren’t gay. They’re mostly old hippies.

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Haven’t you figured it out yet? Homosexuality is responsible for the decay of society, the tarnishment of the institution of marriage, the promotion of bestiality and polygamy, pedophilia in the church, the flooding of New Orleans (and all other natural disasters), and public nudity.

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@syz I believe you forgot atheism, communism and cannibalism. It’s okay, though, I forgive you.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Well, we have to save some to blame on feminism.

“Feminism is a socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.” -Pat Robertson (At a Republican National Convention, if I’m not mistaken, although I can’t find confirmation)

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@syz OOOOH smacks forehead I totally ‘effin forgot – okay, okay, let’s see – we can blame homosexuality on feminism and therefore complete the circuit! Woot!

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It sounds to me like he was thinking of the various and sundry “pride parades” where such is a common occurrence.

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Is it not amazing how the doctrinaire and ignorant see and draw connections for which for empirical evidence exists?

The less such people know, the more certain they are about their pronouncements!

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