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How to find the clipboard? The second-to-last item copied on the clipboard while using Firefox on a Mac?

Asked by zina (1653points) March 12th, 2008

I copied something and went to paste it but accidentally hit apple-C instead of apple-V. So I lost the original material, replacing it with the new little thing I don’t need. Can you back up one step somehow with that memory? Edit – undo didn’t work. Can I open the clipboard? history? etc?

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I have a great app for it: shadowClipboard. The only problem is that it records the clipboard only if it’s running. I’m sorry to say that your clipboard-cutting is lost, because it instantly overrides your current clipping.

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dammit!!! i thought it might be the case

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You might want to try jumpcut out if this happens to you often.

And you are out of luck. What was in the clipboard is gone.

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i have tried them all and yankee clipper III is the best. used it since the nineties and wouldn’t be without it.

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my answer is totally boneheaded. i somehow missed the mac part. yankee clipper is windows only

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