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What is going on with my teeth?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) May 1st, 2010

I felt this weird thing in my mouth tonight. It looks like another tooth is trying to form behind my normal teeth. I’m 28 and I haven’t ever had problems with teeth. Anyone have any ideas? Anyone have this happen before?

Please refrain from answer telling me to go see a dentist. I know that and I will as soon as possible.

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Oh.. I have this too! But it’s not as big and it’s on the right side. I thought it was just part of my jaw bone, but I’d like to know about this too. How odd.

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Do you have any baby teeth on that side of your mouth? Baby teeth in adults are very common (me being one of them), my case is that my baby tooth doesn’t have an adult coming in at all. In your case (if you have a baby tooth), the adult underneath is trying to come up.

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Well shit, there ain’t no room for it.

But seriously, I am pretty sure I lost all my baby teeth.

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I’d find out if the tooth beside the incoming one is a baby tooth. Either way, it sounds like you may be in for a painful procedure. Best of luck.

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Does it hurt? It looks like it hurts. :x

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Is it hard to the touch like a tooth? If not, it sort of looks like an abscess but it should be more inflamed to be one.

When you see your dentist, could you drop a line in this question? I am curious.

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It does feel hard to the touch like a tooth.

What is an abscess?

Doesn’t hurt.

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Abscesses hurt. They’re little bags of puss. I think it’s part of the jaw bone.

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Sometimes wisdom teeth don’t migrate all the way back and come up further forward in the jaw. There are some people with more than four wisdom teeth as well, so congratulations- I see a dentist appointment in your future.

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I’m absolutely not an expert in this sort of thing, but it really looks like a tooth to me. I’ve heard of these things happening. You should probably see a dentist soon because if you have to take it out, the longer you wait, the more damage they have to do to remove it and the longer it takes to heal (makes a bigger hole). It is not the kind of thing I’d want to put off. Good luck. I would not worry too much about impending pain. Modern medicine seems to make things like this bearable.

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@simone54 Have you had your wisdom teeth out? or have they grown in? This got me thinking because I had only three removed when I was 19. They were impacted and hurt like heck, but I wondered if the third was this thing I have like you have.. but it’s on the wrong side of my mouth.

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ETA- Pic of an impacted wisdom tooth that has migrated forward. Here is a picture of an ‘extra’ tooth. I found them interesting.

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It’s almost certainly an extra tooth. Some people are born with missing teeth and some with extra. A guy I knew at school had two extra teeth coming up from behind his 4 lower front teeth, near where yours is coming up in the picture. Extraction is the only way to go.

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I would lay money on it being an extra tooth. If it was an abscess it would hurt like the devil.

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I guess dentists don’t work on weekends…

Also, I don’t have any insurance. What should I do with that?

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@simone54: Beg for a payment plan. Or, if you have a dentistry college around anywhere, they usually do dental work for a fraction of the price because it’s their education, not their business.

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Abscesses are like little pockets of infection and usually wont go away unless you find them and get on an antibiotic to kill whatevers in there. It looks like a tooth to me? If it doesn’t hurt and you don’t have insurance and don’t want to spend a lot of money for something that might not be problematic then…maybe give it a few days or so?

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I went to the dentist today. It is indeed a tooth. It would take a specialist to removie it right now. I’m gonna wait until it comes up more then have them yank it out. They said it’s not gonna hurt and it’s not going to push any of my other teeth out of the way. The only problem is since it growing in at an angel, it’s roots might interfere with the roots of my other teeth. I didn’t get answer to why it is happening.

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