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Why is my nose piercing painful?

Asked by ducky_dnl (5378points) May 1st, 2010

I have had my nose pierced since January of last year… Well, today its been painful and the ring is hard to take out and put back in. Its been putting out some wierd feeling scabbish stuff. I don’t know what it is! I take care of it… it has never been infected, but now it just.. painful. It’s also swollen. Advice?

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You probably have an infection. Seriously. Go see a doctor, that would be your best bet. You don’t want it getting really bad and leading to something else.

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Nose piercings, I imagine, are quite prone to infection and other complications because, well, it’s in your nose. Something may have gotten in there to irritate the tissue. Don’t rule out infection – my industrial ear piercing seemed to get infected over three years after I got it done! Use some anti-microbial soap and wash it thoroughly every night. You may also want to soak with sea salt in water. And if it gets quite bad, see a doctor.

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Sounds like it’s infected.

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Yup, sounds like an infection. Like @ParaParaYukiko my ears used to get infected for several years after I got them pierced. What worked for me was to use a cotton ball soaking wet with isopropyl alcohol and clean it up on both sides of the piercing several times a day. With a nose piercing? Well, give it a try. But first take out whatever it is you have in there and give it a thorough scrubbing with an old tooth brush or something, with soap and warm water, then soak it in isopropyl alcohol for maybe 20 minutes before you put it back in.

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Probably what has already been said, other than that I can only speculate. Unless of course it’s a vagina nose piercing,now that I can see being a problem.

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Take the ring out of your nose.

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@Silhouette That’s actually a bad idea if you have an infection. If the hole closes up when you have an infection, that means the infection is trapped inside the tissue – which can lead to a nasty abscess! It’s best to make sure the infection has been completely taken care of before removing any body piercing.

This site has some excellent information about piercing infections and what to do about them.

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@ParaParaYukiko Ouch. @ducky_dnl Whatever you do, don’t take the ring out of your nose!

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It’s an evolutionary message. Avoid pain. Leave your body the way it is.

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Because there is a hole where there shouldn’t be.

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WTH is a Vagina Nose @ucme??

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@Dutchess_III Just referencing the infamous “clitoris feels like a nose” thread, you must remember it surely?

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No I don’t! OK. I’ve found tons of vaginas, guess I need to look for clitoris’ now.

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