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is there a way to look at somebody elses iTunes through my own itunes?

Asked by lxlericalxl (49points) March 12th, 2008

i need new music!

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If they turn on sharing and you look for shared libraries, you can view and listen to their music – but not copy it to your machine.

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Actually, you can copy it over if they authorize your machine. Every iTunes account is allowed to authorize three computers and two iPods. Look under “Store” in the iTunes menu.

PupnTaco has it right for sharing. You just have to be hooked together via ethernet cable or on the same network.

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If you want to look, you can have your friend export the list and then you can look at it in any text editor (word, notepad).

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Also, try or to find new music. Both are pretty awesome.

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i tried pandora but it plays the randomest stuff not even close to what i said i like.

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Note authorizing only applies to iTunes Music Store-purchased songs. All songs can be copied over manually, with the consent and access of the owner, of course. You just won’t be able to play any iTMS tracks until authorized.

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