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Where should I go to find out if trains pass a certain rail road crossings?

Asked by BabylonFree (208points) May 2nd, 2010 from iPhone

I’m a bus driver and I always have to stop before rail crossings before crossing them,... I’d sure feel more comfortable to know time schedule when those trains cross though.

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Google Earth.

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Start here and look for your state/city. Some trains may not be listed because they are private companies/freight. So you might need to contact your local government and ask there.

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I’m puzzled. If you have to stop at the crossings anyway (Connecticut has that law), then why would you care what the train schedule is? You’re supposed to stop and look before crossing.

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You want to know what time a train will cross it?
Say, the train will cross at 16.34, and you arrive at the crossing at 16.32…, are you then going to cross the crossing without looking, thinking “Eh, i have two minutes, so what can happen to me.”
Or do understand it incorrectly?

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I often travel by train. Trains are very often off schedule. Sometimes I arrive late to my destination. It is better to always behave as if one could be approaching because you never know.

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Your life and those of your passengers are best safeguarded by you assuming that at any moment from either direction, a fast moving, heavily loaded train with pass through any level crossing on your route.

At intersections controlled by traffic lights, you are safest to assume that every driver in every vehicle you see is either impaired by some drug or by their own stupidity. In addition, assume that some fast moving vehicle you don’t currently see could appear as if out of nowhere and enter the intersection.

I mean you no disrespect. I know you want your passengers to be safe whenever they are on or near your bus. I know you want to return safely home after work. I want that too!

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