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Good resources for free online tax preparation?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) February 10th, 2007
I have used some "free" sites in the past only to actually have to pay $10. I don't know how they get away with this! Anyway, I have to file for CA and Federal. Any good resources? Also, is it worth it to pay for a site that charges like h&R; block? A friend of mine swears they got her a bigger return.......
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I've been a happy customer of turbotax for the last few years, and I noticed they have a free edition (which includes a free e-file for federal taxes)... though you have to pay to file with your particular state.
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Yeah, I bet that's not what you're looking for.
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The IRS keeps a list of tax preparer's charges, it looks like some are indeed free:
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(esp. if you make < 52 k)
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However, I find it's worth paying a little to use a "premiere" comany like Intuit because I'm less likely to have problems, I "possibly" could get a bigger return (I suspect bigger than doing them myself), and they save all my bank info from year to year--some of which can be downloaded automatically--so now it's quite easy.
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File-2-Give is a good online tax preparing site. And if you qualify, you could potentially do your complete return for free. And even if you do have to pay, 100% of the profits are donated to charity.

Check out File-2-Give when filing your taxes this year.

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