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What should I do for fundraising for a robotics team?

Asked by smile1 (493points) July 18th, 2010

I am in a robotics team at my high school, and need to raise more than 15,000$ for the team to compete. We have had dinner auction fundraisers, and asked organizations for sponsorship, but thats pretty much all we have.
Any ideas?

Also, as a publicity thing for our team, we are planning to set up booths at local festivals, and possibly sell art to earn a little money (any helps), what possible things can the team make that will look good, not take TOO much time to make, and be profitable?

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One possibility is Kickstarter

I have no idea how well it will work, but it is an idea, and we have seen other projects succeed… including at least one other robotics team.

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Hold a dance with an “electronic” theme. There’s great synth-based dance music galore, at least 40 years’ worth at this point. If someone can donate space (with good room-filling sound), bevvies/snacks and one of you be the DJ, then you’re sorted. Charge an entry fee, of course, and make it so that all bevs/snacks sold also go to your team.

When you’ve got enough people there, stage your own mini-version of America’s Best Dance Crew with you guys doing the Robot to something like Rock-It. That way, it’s not like you’re passively going for money from people, but giving them something back as well.

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Sweet holy moly, you could go on Ebay and acution off naming rights for your robot(s).

Purchase some t-shirts and silk screening equipment and pull some “Team robot” or whatever t-shirts to sell at your other functions. Those are 2 things you can do.

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Here in Alberta when a school or community centre needs funds they hold a casino day. In this ecomony I don’t know how feasible that would be but if you can get adult volunteers together and get a casino on-line then you can net tons of cash.

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I agree that Kickstarter would be a great place to start. Also, if you’re planning on selling art you could try Etsy

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@jerv It looks promising!! Currently setting it up! thanks!!

@aprilsimnel hmmm…..thats a really good idea! I may have to set that up during the school year!
@Hypocrisy_Central haha. my team has though of selling naming rights
for our robot…but our school has problems with that…
@tranquilsea my team is school related, and having anything affiliated with gambling of any sort is prohibited. But thanks for the idea!
@Unexpected_Rain the link didnt work! i went ot, but dont wuite understand what you are trying to say!

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