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My brother can't bend his toes?

Asked by riprock96 (149points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone

he is in his 30’s is in great shape no health issues, never been seriously injured etc… But has never been able to curl his toes? Can wiggle them slightly but can’t curl or pick stuff up? Wtf

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Presumably in 30 years he has seen Drs. who have answered this question for him (at least I think there is a question in there. Wtf covers so many meanings that you might want to be more precise).

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Yeah man, your punctuation and the way you put your sentences together is is a little outta control and misleading.

I don’t have medical experience with toes much, but it sounds like something to do with muscles or something. If its a problem that his toes can’t curl, I’d look into a doctor.

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i’m pretty sure your toes and fingers don’t have muscles, only tendons. maybe they’re short tendons? hah

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@Ishot: I got curious so did some research (at g**gle, surprisingly.)

muscles of the foot

muscles of the hand

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Nobody has the ‘normal’ toes on the foot. Woman and man, adults and children bend their toes in different forms; some cannot really bend their toes at all. But in fact, many others bend their index, middle, ring (sometimes even the little) toes and bend their big toes along with the other toes; and still many others bend those little toes and do not bend their big toes (slightly tilt the big toes at the most).

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