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How many blades is too many?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) May 3rd, 2010

How many blades will companies add to a razor? What is enough?

Mach 10? Mach 15? Mach 100?

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It’s got to stop at some point, I guess. Eventually your razor gets bigger than your face… If I had to pick a number, I’d say lucky seven is the limit. Though if a Mach 100 is ever made, I might have to buy it as a novelty item.

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Only those in marketing know lol.

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At least 3,000.

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Bah, best razor I’ve ever used has 4. Number of blades matters less than the design.

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To me, anything over 2 is useless. A hair can only be cut just so many times.

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I don’t see the difference between taking 5 swipes with a single blade razor and having 5 razors swiping almost all at once. Is there a difference? Does it actually make a difference as far as irritation or bumps are concerned?

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I’m sure the future will provide mini-blades, so that there may be a multitude of tiny blades.

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SNL did a skit a long time ago.Triple Trac Razor – a razor with three blades because the consumer is gullible enough to believe what he sees on TV commercials (this was written in the years before razors had progressed past two blades).

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I like four blades for my legs and two for everything else. It’s all about comfort I guess.

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I prefer the Gillette Sensor Excel… two blades. For me, it’s superior in comfort, cut, and maneuverability.

I’ve tried the three, four, and five blade rigs – with and without battery-driven vibration. But always come back to the Sensor.

I just took a quick tour on the web site… and see no reference to the Sensor Excel anymore… the fewest blades is now the Mach 3. However, it looks like is still listing refill cartridges. Time to stock up!

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The comic strip Robotman (now Monty) had a good one, once, when Monty created a sixteen blade razor. I wish I could find that strip somewhere.

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Does anyone here remember the Saturday Night Live commercial for the “Triple Trac Razor”? It had three blades because the consumer is gullible enough to believe if two is good, then three must be better.
This was way before the Track 3 came out. And now 6 blades? If they only knew.
Here is the script . Hilarious.

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Two blades is too many.

Use a safety razor and you’ll get a closer shave with less irritation.

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I want a straight razor and stropping strap.

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to shave-a the face… to trim-a the beard… to make-a the bristle.. clean like a whistle

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Haha no shit, at this rate, dudes might as well just shave their face with the fucking Masamune.

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@mrentropy you’ll also need a whetstone and while you’re at it a shaving brush. If you do purchase a straight razor make sure it’s sold “shave ready” ie the retailer has sharpened the thing and it’s ready for use. They do not come from the manufacturer like this. While the initial cost will be quite high you’ll no longer have to pay for blades ever and you’ll be doing your bit for the the enviroment by not throwing out plastic cartridges. One tip, though, shave wearing shoes and pants – if you drop a straight razor it could take a toe off no problem.

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@mrentropy: yes, and if you saw the musical/movie I quoted from above, you’d know just how serious @Lightlyseared is about the sharpness ;)

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@poofandmook it certainly makes my morning shave more interesting knowing that one bad slip could me.

Which reminds me… lock the bathroom door so people can’t come and disturb you while you holding a blade sharper than a surgical scalpel next to your throat. (They don’t call them cut throat razors for nothing).

To be fair though it’s not as hard to use as most people imagine. You just have to be careful.

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