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How should I handle myself in this situation with a boy?

Asked by all4him39 (26points) May 3rd, 2010

I’m fourteen and I met a guy at my church who is fifteen and he’s really cute and nice. Yesterday he told me he liked me (which was kind of strange since we met just a few weeks ago) and I told him that I think I like him but I want to get to know him better, and he seemed okay with that. We flirted a lot and we text a lot and I have a lot of fun around him and I think I like him! Now he’s acting like we will be in a relationship soon… which really excites me cause I’ve been single for a while. Then he asked me if I’ve ever kissed anyone (and I haven’t) so I kinda got embarrassed and changed the subject and asked him if he had and he said yes, he’s gone even further but not “all the way”. (which was kind of disapointing) So he asked me my boundries and i said no further than second base.. and it just became really awkward. He was like “okay.. fine with me” and then he said he had to go. Did I scare him away?! Please help, thanks!

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I’d answer this question but I’m still having trouble getting past a 14 year old saying ”...I’ve been single for a while.”

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Saying “I’ve been single” is just an expression kids use now.
Whether you scared him away or not will be revealed within a week. Some guys that age are looking for a more “experienced” girl to teach them about sex. If that’s all they want, who needs ‘em? Let’s hope his motives are honorable . You sound like the ideal daughter.

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If not wanting to have sex at fourteen scared him off, good riddance!

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i think that just because you havent kissed anyone that it isnt a bad thing. most guys find it exciting to be a girls first whether if it is only a kiss. and dont ever think just because you arent as ready as he is that you should change your oppinion on how far you will go. be yourself and dont be ashamed of what you havent done.

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For my information…, second base, what is that?
I guess it is not kissing and not going all the way.
Is it fondling or maybe kissing with tongues?

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don’t worry, boys are dumb.

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I think you guys are fine so far.

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You didn’t scare him away; he was checking out to see how easy you are. He probably doesn’t have any real experience beyond kissing a girl and trying to stick his hand up her shirt.

Don’t ever think that you have to do something you’re not comfortable doing just to keep or get a guy. The ones that are put off by your lack of experience are only interested in getting in your pants, and using that to attract a boy isn’t worth it. There are lots of nice guys out there. Stay true to yourself.

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If he’s asking you how far you’ve gotten… and seems disapointed about your boundries… i’d be worried.

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@lillycoyote That’s what i was focused on, and then the comment off never being kissed but was in a relationship…ugh

Second base in my experience is boob fondling

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If it is uncomfortable to talk about these issues, buy a promise ring, and the boys will know their answer without asking.

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Guys thank you so much for helping me out :) @Rangie, I do have a promise ring and I’m going to let him know next time I see him. @PandoraBoxx, that really helped me realize that if he is mad about it he’s not worth it. Thanks for helping everyone (:

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@all4him39 good for you, wear it proudly young lady. My granddaughter is just 18 and it helped her through many issues.

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@Rangie and @all4him39…wtf is a promise ring?

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@WolfFang A promise ring is worn by a boy or girl that is promising themselves to preserve their virtues.

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@WolfFang Yeah? Huh. I should get one of those :D seriously
so its just a ring? like any random ring? or are they a specific brand or something?

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They are a band of various designs, that signify their purpose in a very nonchalant way.

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hm. k thanks. I’ll probly look into it more

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It’s normally like a really important ring that says like Love or something on it. And it reminds you to not have sex before marriage!

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