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so when apple comes out......

Asked by dopelope (20points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone

so when apple comes out with the new app store, what will you be willing to pay for them? Hope there not crazy price .

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I bet that most will be free. And I couldn’t imagine paying over $10 for a application without trying it out first. It’s not like will be running a mobile version of Photoshop or Final Cut Pro.

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Well developers can set the price, so I don’t think that many will be free.

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I think even ten is unreasonable for an iPhone app. I think at most I’d pay 2.99 for the app unless it does something totally amazing like makes my iPhone give me body shaking orgasms everytime i get a phone call. If they do make something like that I will have no problem with telemarketers calling me and I’ll stop paying my bills so debt collectors start calling

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lmao @ johnny0313x. Body shaking orgasms, that’s classic. lol. But yea I wuldnt pay anything more than 3 bucks for an app unless they make a way for me to magically know how nice it would be outside, or a way to find my house on a virtual map, or even a way to wake me up in the morning. But nah they’ll never make those for a looong time. lol.

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It depends on what the application does. Just as with desktop applications, there are some that are overpriced at $14.99 and some that would be cheap if they cost $300 rather than $149.

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