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How can I record Flash streaming video and save it to Desktop?

Asked by lilikoi (10102points) May 4th, 2010

This is NOT a YouTube video. It is hosted on

I cannot find the FLV link. I just want to download it because the streaming video does not allow you to fast-forward or rewind. I have VLC and it looks like it has a built in capture device but I’m not sure if it can do this or if it can, I’m not sure how it works.

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Where is this video being streamed?

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Do you have a mac or a pc?

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@xxii from First line of the question details. :)

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I have a PC.

I have not figured out how to save the file from livestream.

I found another flash video on a news site and the Orbit Downloader program allowed me to save the FLV file for that one, but the program did not work w/ the livestream video. The one I did get, I don’t really need because it was just a 3 minute condensed news coverage clip. The one on livestream is a full-length video over 2 hours long, which is why I’d like to d/l it so I can fast-forward through the dull parts and rewind if I want to see something again. As it is, if you miss it, you have to wait the whole 2+ hours for the video to cycle.

I’d rather not post a direct link to the specific video because it is already lagging on the website when I try to stream it.

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Sorry, I should have been more specific… I was asking for a specific link to the video so I could try to figure out how to rip the video.

This Firefox extension may be able to help you though I haven’t tried it myself. Otherwise, here are instructions from screencasting using VLC.

Edit: Just found this – How to capture free live streaming videos from – hope it works.

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try the video recording application from Applian.

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I think the application mentioned by @heydrew is the same one used in my last link.

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Thanks. That Applian thing was promising but it only grabbed the ad that ran before the actual video, and then seemed to just hang. I’ve given up for now, but I might try the FF extension later…

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Realplayer is a free download and lets you download videos you are streaming online. Might help you out.

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