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Do you think they should make star wars episodes 7,8 and 9?

Asked by Sneakerfreak503 (37points) March 13th, 2008 from iPhone

I heard they eventually will but when?

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If they do I am going to listen to my parents and take my psychology degree and get the hell out of Hollywood.

George Lucas has exploited his creativity to the point of draught and there is no rain in sight.

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Riser says it best. What, about thirty years now, the saga has been going on? That’s longer than I’ve been around. Give it a rest people.

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My two biggest concerns with a potential third trilogy are plot continuity and quality.

I really don’t think these episodes should be produced, but that might just be because Eps. 1 and 3 were good but not great, and episode 2 was the worst yet. (Judging by this, we probably will never again have Star Wars movies as good as Eps. 4, 5, and 6).

I also remember reading leaked plot scripts for these episodes on SuperShadow a while back. While these weren’t necessarily authentic, they essentially destroyed the idea we have of the SW Expanded Universe that has been developed through comics, novels, and guides to Star Wars (including the official encyclopedia). My worry with regard to additional star wars films is that this expanded Universe will be largely ignored (in addition to the fact that they probably won’t even come close to doing the original trilogy justice), especially if upcoming Lucasarts games like Force Unleashed are any indicator of where the franchise is going.

That said, I think Force Unleashed will be a really cool game, and I’m really anxious to hear more about the planned SW live action tv program, which will hopefully develop more of the secondary characters from the movies.

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no they shouldn’t, the original trilogy is a classic, the new trilogy is a shambles, they are just another Hollywood CGI film which lacks actual story and relys on effects, if your watching this George, leave it be

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I wholeheartedly agree with the general consensus – one through three were atrocious. I wouldn’t spend money to see any more in the series.

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only if someone first goes back in time, kills George Lucas after forcing him to sign over the rights to the Star Wars universe and proceeds to make episodes 1, 2, and 3 take place hundreds of years before 4 and then 7, 8, and 9 take place hundreds of years after 6.

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first George Lucas needs to stop messing with the films he’s already made

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Wait!!! Episode II was my absolute favorite (and you can’t say it was worse than VI). Does that mean I have bad taste?

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The prequels were decent for what they were and had moments of brilliance. I’m an old school SW nerd from ‘77 and I say he should stick with his plan and not make 7, 8, & 9. The story’s over.

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kevbo it doesn’t mean you have bed taste I share the same opinion with you

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I’m not sure he should have made 1, 2, and 3, given the quality of the result.

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I would tend to doubt it anyway- George Lucas denied any intention to continue the sage (at least in terms of movies):

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though there’s no way it would ever be as good a the first origional three (4, 5, and 6) he make a lot of money from them and it would be nice to have the saga continued, see the New Jedi order and maybe some Yuuzhan Vong (if your in too star wars enough to know what that is)

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yeah, I’d like to see some coverage of the Yuuzhan Vong war too, but I think the Thrawn trilogy is just begging to be put into movie form (not that it really could be at this point…). Right now, the post-rebellion story line is richer than the clone wars story line spawned from I, II and III (IMHO).

If I could have my way, I’d want the SW: Empire comics “Darklighter” and “The Short, Happy Life of Roons Sewell” to be made into movies; by sci-fi comic standards, these are amazingly well written and thought provoking.

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they’re actually making a new Star Wars movie and it will also be aired as a TV show. It’s animated though but it still looks pretty good. its supposed to be way better than the current TV catoon“The Cloon Wars” but this one has the same name. Its about the time period between episods II and III.

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this is the commercial for the new movie/TV show they are coming out with:

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i dont understand how any of you can call yourself Star Wars fans and then completely diss episodes I, II and III.

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