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What would you use to make a lot of tea in?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) May 6th, 2010

The company I work for has a 2nd business and they will start selling Bubble Tea. They asked me to do some research to find a large kettle or pot to boil the water and make the tea in. I was wondering what would you suggest to use for something like that. I normal tea pot will not cut it. I am looking for something rather large but cost efficient. I was thinking some kind of large bowl type thing lol….Maybe you guys have some suggestions…

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I have a large (I think) 5 gallon pot I use to boil whole chickens in. They only cost about $5 (again I think) at Wal Mart!

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I am thinking something like that will work maybe if there was some kind of pot with a strainer in it would be best…I suppose we could just get a pot with a strainer but I was curious is there is some kind of invention or product out there specifically for this.

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I would just get a large cooking pot from any restaurant supply store and get a large mesh container to hold the tea leaves. You don’t need any special equipment to do this. Much more economical to just get a large pot. And the pot can be used for other things as well. Just go to a local restaurant supply store and they should be able to help you find what you need. You may have to MacGyver the mesh container / strainer but I’m sure the supply store will have something to do this with.

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There are pots for those turkey fryers that come with straining baskets, but they are expensive! Nothing I know of except maybe for businesses like McDonalds, where they make equipment for that! Check out your phone book for restaurant suppliers!

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like this you mean?

if thats not quite what you are looking for there is alot more stuff like that on that site.

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well when I was working in Russia (and they LOVE tea!) they make a VERY strong pot of black tea, they let it stew and use it all day or as long as it lasts during the day, then when you want a cuppa you drop a shot of strong tea into your cup and top up with hot water, from a kettle or in your case one of those giant kettles that’s always on…

this is an old Russian tea pot thing so you know they mean business lol

you don’t need one of those but maybe you could try the shot idea it certainly puts to sleep the idea of forking out a few grand on a commercial alternative.

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@bongo I think thats a good idea but I think they were looking for something more like large kettle so it’s more affordable in case it does not sell well. My first thought was to look into something like that though.

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@bongo – PERFECT! Thank you!

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@tobotron – I think that is a great idea as well, I will mention it to them, might be a little more practical at least in the beginning until they figure out how well the tea sells.

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What @downtide said. The Russians call it a samovar.

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How about a cauldron….. they’re big enough to put a child in :) so Ive been led to believe.

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I would use the largest pot of all, a stockpot.

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