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Why does love kill?

Asked by XoXoMEXoXo (87points) May 6th, 2010

I feel like love always backfires.People get hurt, lead on, and sad.Me and my friend liked the same guy once.I got burned, and he didnt like my friend either.When people tell someone they love them, its one of three things-They really do, they feel like they have to tell you SOMETHING, or they feel like they do.Why do we love if we know it hurts?Why does love have to hurt?

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I didn’t know love killed but I do know love stinks. At least according to the J. Geils Band it does as seen here in their video.

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Yup.Love stinks.

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It doesn’t kill, it dies.

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Love is fleeting.

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We love knowing the risks because at the time it’s worth those risks. Like the old saying, “It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.”

I have heard of people dying of a broken heart, but generally that happens in the elderly population.

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Are you talking about my friend? I can tell you he sure don’t thank his parents name him that: Love. It was humiliating, growing up. “Hello, Love.” “Hey Love! Can you pick it up a bit? Make the world spin a little faster?” “Love, you don’t look like no God to me.”

To make matters worse, his last name was Hurts.” Love Hurts. Get it?

So who can blame him, really? He got all this shit all the time, and people either didn’t believe that was his name, or they just laughed. He had a thin skin, so none of this went over very well. He started boxing just to be able to hit something, and then he got into firearms.

I guess someone made some crack about him once too often. Now it’s a manhunt. He’s gone to ground somewhere. I guess all the newspapers think they’re so smart what with their headlines and all:

Love Kills!

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Love is timeless, always and forever. sometimes silent.
the absence of love is what hurts.

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Ah, another one of the many, different meanings of the overused word “love”. The feeling that leads to a painful outcome is not love – it is much more related to a hormone imbalance.

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When people rush into serious and intense relationships without giving themselves enough time to know how they really feel and before they get to know the other person pretty well the risk of getting hurt is much greater.

When you do have a long lasting loving relationship that enhances your experience of life, it makes the pain and suffering of past relationships seem to have been worth the price.

I finally have the kind of loving relationship I had been searching for for most of my adult life. I was married several times before and the pain I suffered was such that I am amazed I was willing to love again.

I have never been so happy and I would willingly suffer through it all again if that was the price of finding the love I now enjoy and appreciate every day.

For most of you, it won’t be so hard. Despite being a fairly bright guy, I was a slow learner when it came to love and marriage!

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Great question. Love does hurt and love can kill. I don’t know the answer as to why. I always told myself to only date men I wasn’t attracted to, so I wouldn’t fall in love. I managed that for 7 years. Now I’m more in love than I ever have been, that will kill me sooner or later.

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Love in it’s truest sense doesn’t kill nor does it hurt, it provides the opposite in fact. The loss of love, watching it slip away, when it’s unrequited, or having it die, on the other hand, that has the potential to cause considerable pain. This I feel is because while we are in a state of love we don’t cultivate that love within us, we bask in it and revel in it, contenting ourselves with the situation – oblivious or dismissive of its impermanence. Love at its best comes wholly from within, without the need for another to inspire it, it is always there even if we don’t always know how to see it. It manifests itself in a giving nature and in return provides us the means to find happiness in ourselves. I find when I truly love someone it is as though a veil is lifted, changing shades of grey into magnificent color. But I am beginning to learn that the veil is self imposed, I do not “need” another to lift it, rather I must learn to do it on my own, so that I may better aid in teaching them to lift theirs.

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