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Why do people yell?

Asked by MrsDufresne (3542points) May 7th, 2010

Is there a scientific reason for the voice becoming loud when one experiences anger or emotional pain?

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I don’t yell, well not anymore anyway. People do it because they want to be heard, to be louder than the other, and they keep getting louder until they are the loudest.

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Many times anger and/or emotional pain can take up a large portion of the conscious brain and therefore people can lose the capacity to communicate normally. This, mixed with the frustration usually involved in these situations, leads to yelling.

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I usually yell or talk loudly about unimportant things. Hockey refs always drive me nuts, but how important are they in the big picture. If I get really pissed, I use a quieter voice.

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For the same reason that some animals roar. To appear more threatening. Yelling increases adrenalin and heart rate – gets you ready to fight. There was a “Scream Therapy” craze popular in the seventies for much the same reasons.

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What Darkscribe and Jfos said.

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I feel that people yell because THEY feel threatened. They are fearful about possibly losing control.

I am sickened, literally, by people who yell. Many times I believe that it’s because they haven’t learned how to communicate in any other way. Sad thing is, they ostracize themselves from family and friends with such behavior.

Nobody is comfortable around a ‘yeller’. It’s a sad, sad, thing.

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To bully and intimidate, or perhaps it’s frustration when you won’t concede.

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It simply shows a lack of control.

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Sometimes it is to get the attention of the surrounding tribe or community for help. When I hear screaming I usually come out to see if someone is hurt, being attacked, or in trouble.I will call the proper authorities if needed.

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These loud yellers are former boom box in the car owners and they are now deaf. knew this would happen.

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I think some people actually enjoy yelling. It fires them up and gets their adrenaline pumping. At it’s pretty awful for the people around them.

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@MissaA What a perceptive answer! It is a shame I can’t award you more than a “great answer.”

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They yell to be heard, silence is much more effective.

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When you’ve had the ‘good fortune’ to experience someone’s temper and all that goes with it, it’s easy to pen a heartfelt and accurate response. I wish that weren’t so.

I’ve heard people claim, “I’ve got a BAD temper!”, wearing that proclamation like a badge. I wish that they could feel what I feel upon hearing such a thing.

How many relationships and families have been devastated by such behavior.

I think my question would be, “How do you ignore such behavior when it’s constantly in your face?” If you can’t walk away…what do you do? Maybe I’ll just post it.

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I do it to make children and animals behave.

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Because you didn’t listen the first time.

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I often find myself yelling when the person I’m mad at does not change what they are doing. It’s like maybe if I say it louder, they will obey, as if they don’t hear me.

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@evandad But why is that necessary. Intimidation?

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@partyparty – It’s not necessary, but it works.

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@evandad I resort to it on occasion, but it totally loses it’s effectiveness when it’s over used, as it is by most parents. It also makes the parents look like panicked, out-of control, immature people who don’t’ know what else to do.

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