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any suggestions on buying a dishwasher?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) March 13th, 2008

more specifically, for or against a brand/model?

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Meile & Bosch are great. More expensive but very quiet, energy efficient, & long-lasting.

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Or, on a budget, a Kenmore. You can get opinions on the various models at epinions, etc.

Mine has a timer so I can run it at off-peak hrs, and it is also very quiet. Plain vanilla.

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I think you should comparison shop as much as possible. Honestly- cosumer reports.

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This won’t really help with your question. If I was you I would look at the person selling you an appliance the same way you look at someone selling you a car. They both operate from the same rule-book.

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My sister, who is a master cook, bought a really expensive gas/Garland but got the floor model at a discount. If an appliance has a small chip or dent, you can bargain.

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I recently purchased a LG stainless dishwasher. It is has stainless steel on the inside also. It is so quiet that you can barely hear the water trickle. It also cleans very efficiently. It’s shelves move up and down and also collapse to make more room for bigger pots. It has all the bells and whistles. It is great.

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If I understand correctly, Kenmore brand dishwashers can actually be made by a variety of companies—Sears contracts out to the actual manufacturer. So getting one kickass Kenmore appliance is no guarantee that all Kenmore appliances will be kickass.

We’ve got a Maytag that came with the condo, and we’re very pleased with it.

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I just spent a long time researching dishwashers before I bought my portable (which, as many have heard me say, is the best purchase I’ve ever made). Traditionally the European models are much quieter/better made, but are much more expensive.

Things to look for: How many washer arms does it have? Is it EnergyStar compliant? Does it have a food processor? How noisy is it? How do the racks adjust?

I ended up with a Maytag and thoroughly enjoy it. I would be wary of Kenmore, unless you’re looking at one of the higher models.

Stainless steel interior is nice and doesn’t stain as easily, but I didn’t need it.

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@cwlbur and Andrew; the little local Sears franchise is owned by a neighbor; if what we buy there turn out to be non-kickass, I can simply stop at his house and kick ass. It’s a nice rural tradition. Love thy neighbor.

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