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What would you say would be the average price of one of those camping outdoor lawn chairs?

Asked by Plone3000 (668points) May 8th, 2010

I accidentally broke one of my friends portable camping chairs, you know the ones that fold toward the center? Anyway, I wanted to pay him back but he threw away the receipt and wont give me a straight answer on how much I cost him. Please help?

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kmart 17.99
have seen them for 10.00 at Walmart.
Edited to show kmart chair.

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Ditto on ten for most of them. The nicer ones (wider, mesh back etc) are around fifteen to twenty.

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Dick’s Sporting Goods has a full array of styles and different quality chairs. For awhile there, companies gave the chairs away as promotional items.

BTW, they break all the time. I used to have 6 of those chairs; I’m down to 1.

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Those lightweight things with the frames of hollow aluminum tubing and the woven plastic strips don’t cost much. I’ve bought them for $6.00 at places like Walgreen’s. You can pay a lot more for something better, of course. If I was just hauling them to the beach or letting the kids drag them around the back yard, there wasn’t much point in going for high quality.

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I bought a pretty non-fancy one from Dick’s Sporting Goods for about $10. I’d probably pay him back about $15.

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I suggest buying him a higher quality chair as a gift to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again. If you do, just make sure that that is why you did it so he doesn’t feel like he owes you.

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We have a couple of the cheaper Walmart ones that were $10 or under and some nicer ones. Either way, they’ve both lasted through several occasions. My son brought them to a float trip and still they managed to come home in the same condition. I was simply amazed. I would definitely recommend one with the drink holders on the sides, although I think they might all come that way.

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I would suggest that if your friend is avoiding answering your question, he doesn’t really want to be paid back. Accidents happen. I personally would NEVER allow a friend who accidentally broke something so completely inconsequential to pay me back.

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@nope I agree. So many people have weird “morals” when it comes to perceived debt. Even when it’s about issues between friends and family members. If you really care for one another, loans and debts should only play a practical role and never an “ethical” one.

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