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Where to buy an inexpensive wedding band?

Asked by rodydoe89 (356points) September 27th, 2010

Can anyone tell me where I can buy an inexpensive, yellow gold men’s wedding band, besides e Bay? My fiancĂ© and I are not looking to spend a whole lot of money right now, and we can always upgrade later. Please help! Our wedding is November 3rd, so we’ve got to get the ball rolling! Thank you!

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Check out Kay Jewelers, or any other mall jewelry shop. My wife and I designed a beautiful, largely custom ring for her, but I wear a $250 tungsten ring from Kay Jewelers. There were plenty there that were less expensive too.

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Pawn shop.

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Definitely check out etsy

There are many, many craftspeople who make beautiful jewelry for low prices.

(I like this one)

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Kay Jewelers is a good suggestion. Also, you might try Costco, they have jewelry. If you just want a simple band you can’t go wrong really with going to a discounter.

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My husband and I bought our plain gold bands at a hole-in-the-wall antique/coin shop. They ended up coming to about $100. (That’s not a lot for gold rings.)

They polished ‘em up for us and they looked shiny and new! And we were able to begin our married life debt-free. :)

And – congrats!! Happy wedding!!

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When I needed one a long time ago, in more conservative times, I walked unceremoniously into a cheap downtown jewelry store and bought one. I explained that I had lost a lot of weight and my own ring was being sized, but that I didn’t want to take a trip to New York with my husband without one.

Then I went to New York with my boyfriend.

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I’m going to second the pawn shop.

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WalMart. a hundred bucks.

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jc penny.

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Charity thrift stores are full of wonderful jewelry finds.

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I will third the pawn shops. they are loaded with rings of all kind, especially since the economy is so bad right now.

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Thank you for all the ideas! I will start shopping tomorrow!

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I second etsy. My partner and I picked out our $40 and $70 engagement rings there, and we love them. It’s been awhile since we looked, but there were plenty of wedding bands in our price range as well.

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Thrift stores, antique stores and pawn shops are great places to get jewelry, especially if you like vintage jewelry.

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