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Are you fascinated by Big Bang theory?

Asked by philosopher (9165points) May 10th, 2010

I like to learn about Science. I am no expert.
If I am allowed to. I would like to share and exchange information with you.
I find the following link interesting.

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The question of what existed before the “beginning” is always interesting.

The alternative, string theory, is just as fascinating. According to this theory, the birth of the universe (big bang) isn’t an unique event.

But it allows for parallel universes and raises just as many questions as the big bang theory does.

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Completely fascinated. I can’t think of anything more mysterious than contemplating form what the Big Bang originated, and why.

By the way, if anyone has any insight into that, I’d love to hear it.

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I am also fascinated by String theory and M theory. Did you see the show on Discovery Chanel last week about the Universe?
Did you see the show?
They let me ask this question under Social. Maybe they are finally going to accommodate those of us who have interest in something besides political debates.
I am also on other Q&A cites that love Science questions. You would be welcome there.

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I haven’t see it. I need to find out if I can watch it online, if it’s a new one.

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I’ve seen the documentary Dr. Michio Kaku did. I just love him.

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I think it’s obviously bunk:

This is the way the world begins
Not with a bang but a whimper.

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Cosmology is fascinating. I would love to find out what we will ultimately know, giving enough time to accumulate more information. We are still at the beginning of our understanding of the origins of our world and its immediate neighbourhood.

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I agree with you.
Did you see the shows about the Universe on Discovery Chanel?

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Yes, it’s fascinating to watch Leonard Hofstadter trying to get a date with Penny ;-)

No, seriously, the most fascinating part is the inflationary period. Boom, shifting into high gear, just like that.

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LOL I like that show. It is very funny.
They broke up.

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@philosopher – No spoiler please ;-) I’m half way through the second season…

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I DVR it too. You are many shows behind.
Sorry I did not know.

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@mattbrowne – No problem, and I already know that their initial dating in the last episode of season 1 didn’t last as shown in the first episode of season 2. But there’s still a funny attraction between the two. I bought the DVDs but season 3 didn’t seem to be available yet.

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