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What do you do when your boss refuses to pay you, I asked him to hold out taxes, or 1099 me. he keeps telling me the checks have not cleared the bank!

Asked by misst (71points) May 12th, 2010

None of us filled out paperwork (taxes)and I found someone on face book that says he owes them money and owes a lot of others money also. Two other people have been paid but not in full. After looking around the place it seems to be unsafe, wires hanging from light switches, extension cords across the floor, expired food being repackaged and sold, the building is not in his name but he says he owns it and when I checked the county records there was some sort of paper stating something about fictitious names on the title. Jobs are hard to find and I am torn on what to do. He goes to area stores and purchases items, marks them up and re-sales them. STRANGE!

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Tell him if he does not pay up. You are going to notify the state, and IRS (tax fraud) and local police department (civil). You will also be contacting the better business bureau (price gouging) and health department. Let him know you just want what you were promised you would be paid.

You need to see this as if you will never see your money again.

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Contact your state labor department. They’ll probably move fastest. Just google your state and labor department.

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This sounds like a classic case of paying people “under the table” to avoid paying income taxes. there is a law against this and its call Income Tax Evasion. ask your employer one more time for the tax forms you require. if he still declines, then contact your local Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Division. they love to arrest people on this charge, because tax evasion hurts all the good people that pay their taxes.

There also may be a reward coming for you, for your information.

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I wouldn’t threaten my boss; I’d simply take action through the proper legal channels. If you tell your boss that you’re going to file a complaint, and then you proceed to do so, your boss will be your enemy for life. Just pursue your rights under the law. Every state protects a worker’s entitlement to compensation for services performed. Not only is your boss required to pay you, but there are laws about the promptness and frequency of payment. An employer isn’t allowed to keep money indefinitely after someone’s performed his/her job duties in good faith.

By the way, it sounds as if there are many reasons why your employer should be reported to local authorities! I know that these are difficult times and that jobs aren’t easy to find, but you really don’t want to be working for such people.

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“I wouldn’t threaten my boss”

A boss is based on a transfer of needs. You work for me, I will pay you. Since there has not been payment. There is no boss.

Just a huckster looking for a sucker.

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This man won’t be in business long, so start secretly looking for work right now. Tell your boss you will accept cash 9 cents on the dollar. Tell him you understand things are tight for him, but that things are tight for you too. Don’t go into threats and asserting your rights. That will only stress him out further, and he will only get unreasonable, no matter how truthful the threat. So keep cool with him and work with him, so you get paid first, as he does his leveraging and balancing acts with his bank account. Never deposit any checks he gives you Fridays thru Mondays. Those are the bounce days usually. You should actually cash all checks he gives you at his own bank. Or let him pay you cash, and don’t be righteous demanding the full amount. This guy doesn’t have enough to pay everyone, plain and simple. Even if he has a huge house and a BMW and takes vacations, all the more reason he’s out of cash. He’s in over his head.

Meanwhile, secretly find another job, immediately. Call in sick the days you have interviews.

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