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My guess is that the ring on his middle finger is a magnet…. and that there is an extra “hidden” quarter. Just a guess, though… I’m not very good at figuring out magic tricks. I know that sleight of hand has way more to do with it than we realize, in ALL cases.

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There’s no magnet, and I can’t reveal exactly how the trick is done—although of course I don’t know for sure. “Camera tricks” is a pretty common cliche as an explanation, but I would urge you to watch the top of the frame—when the camera zooms in so close that the back of the “magician’s” hand is cut off.

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Any knowledgeable magician will be able to spot the principles being used here. However, exposing the method would just render Lu Chen’s masterful performance a mere puzzle. Quit trying to figure this one out and just enjoy the artistry of this fantastic magician.

A subtitled version of the video is available for those of you that don’t speak Chinese :D

P.S. No camera tricks are being used in this video.

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I’m pretty sure the first trick was done with the ring being a magnet. He hit the bowl under the table until the fake magnetic coin stuck, then just needed to lift his hand so that it dropped. He kept the coin that was on the top of the table in his hand. And hid it from view with a nice bit of slight of hand before showing his palm.

The only way I can explain the second trick would be…more magnets lol. The coin on the right hand side looks a lot thicker than the one on the left. He could have arranged them so that when he hit the bottom of the table, one of them would turn and stick to the other. And he had the other coin in his hand the whole time.

The last trick I don’t know how he did it =/


Ok I’ve been thinking about the last trick. I don’t know how its done really. But my guess is that since the glass of the table is in 4 sections and the pane that he puts his hand through is a lot lower, then I think that that is actually a large circular pane underneath the other ones.

Ok now upon rewatching it I’m sure of it. The camera zooms out and you can see his other hand turn the table as he holds the other one around. Then when his hand fills the hole enough then the camera gives a better view. But then when he takes his hand out his arm and bad camera angle block the hole as the person sitting behind him spins the table around again until the hole is under the teapot.

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yes, magnets. And thstack of 2 coins actualy has 3.

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