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How do I update Windows Movie Maker?

Asked by Jeremycw1 (1370points) May 13th, 2010

So I’m using a school computer, and it has the really old version of movie maker. It’s a brand new Dell running XP. Is there any way I can get the new version? Like the kind on Vista? Or am I stuck with this terrible program?

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Sorry I’m afraid that the current version of Movie Maker is only for Vista and 7. From their site I was looking up downloads and it said this ”*Note: Windows Live Movie Maker is not available for Windows XP or earlier versions of Windows.”

So I’m afraid you will have to make do. Or download a different program. There could be some good freeware out there that will work with XP.

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That isn’t that bad of a program. I used it back in the day but I have moved to Sony Vegas recently. What kind of editing are you wanting to do?

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I thought I read somewhere that some people preferred the old Move Maker to the new Windows Live Movie Maker, that some features had been removed.

Is that true?

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@jaytkay There have been some transitions removed I believe. I haven’t used the new one enough to notice them removing stuff but they did change it to look more like iMovie.

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Thanks for the answers guys :)

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