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Do You Use or Believe In Magnetics or Titanium Necklaces?

Asked by Aster (20021points) May 13th, 2010

Do you use a magnetic mattress pad? Wear magnetic bracelets? A titanium necklace? If so, has it helped you and in what way?

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I cannot believe this . STILL no answers. I LOVE my magnetic bracelets . I think they stop carpal tunnel pain.

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Perhaps no one wants to sound arrogant by saying “No, that’s silly”. So I’ll do it ;-)

I don’t believe the weak magnetic fields produced by jewelry, mattress pads etc. have any noticeable effect on the body at all (the mind, sure: placebo effect.), For comparison, people enter MRI machines every day and don’t come out healed, those produce fields that make the incredibly strong hard drive magnets I like to play with look like refrigerator magnets. If magnets really had a significant effect, MRIs would show it, and someone would have a Nobel Prize. Likewise for people who work with particle accelerators, or even just electric generators.

As for titanium, that I know less about, but I think it tends to be pretty tough stuff, so it probably stays in the necklace.

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@davidgro: I recall that they were researching MRI-technology as treatment for depression, because many people who’d had them (for unrelated reasons) reported improvement in their moods afterwards.
Ah! Here’s a related article on Wikipedia

However, the Wikipedia artical on Magnetic Therapy for pain says there isn’t much research to support that it is more effective than a placebo.

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Oh yeah, that’s what I forgot to bring up… ;-)
TMS is maybe an exception, but it does use very focused strong pulses: Nothing like jewelry at all. They also have an idea what is actually happening (if not the details) – induced (small) electric currents, which certainly can affect a brain, and can’t be generated by a bracelet
(although one with a battery could zap a person, but that’s another matter )

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