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Ladies: Would You Ever Go Out With Him Again?

Asked by Aster (18990points) May 15th, 2010

You are on a date with a handsome, nice guy who is very popular and a great dancer. He adores his parents and is ambitious. He appears to be quite sensitive. One night in his car you make a smart alec remark and he Yells at you: “SHUT UP!!” You are stunned. Would you drop him cold or think, “I was out of line and deserved that.”

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I would drop him like a hot rock. Temper, temper. Anyone wound that tight is bound to explode one day and I’d get my butt away from the blast zone.

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I would not go out with him again. If he loses his temper over a smart alec remark, what is he going to do if you really piss him off over something bigger, especially if he is drinking? Naming all of his virtues will not wipe out his huge, glaring fault of having a temper.
Also, if this question is about you, did you talk to him about it or just let it go? I am curious as to how he explained this outburst.

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@chyna I hate to admit it but it happened to me many years ago. I was becoming bored with him anyway for some reason then , after this incident, I dropped him and met my ex!! Who had the worst temper imaginable! LOL ! Luckily, my present guy is Very easy-going and doesn’t get mad. He humors me. Maybe that’s unusual; I really don’t know.

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That outburst was showing you his true colors. He was on his best behavior before.

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Then I would say you probably did the best thing by dumping him.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I never thought of that before. Thank you.

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It’s interesting you are still thinking about him in such detail.

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@perspicacious I also think about my hot tempered ex in detail !

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yep…..he’s showing his true self and it is ugly. run, forrest, run.

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heck no! If someone yelled at me like that, I definitely wouldn’t go back out with them.

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He is a control freak and has an anger problem. he apparently has covered up his problem quite well, until the chips are down and he sees red. look elsewhere. he will make your life miserable.

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I love the people above reproach commenting. He’s sensitive and ambitious but that suddenly means nothing. Only if you think anger is the worst possible sin but it’s only one and I can think of many worse. But regardless, “he who is without sin may cast the first stone.”
Mamby Pambies not withstanding, one comment does not make a person and the reason you probably think about him is ‘cause he made you hot. Passion is not always sweet and why do you think that you are above being told to shut up if you’re out of line? I think anyone can be told to shut up including a woman. Women have slammed me in the chest with their fists and knocked down my door. Should they be excused? Not that I care anyway, we just had great sex afterward. It’s all good.

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We did not have “great sex” , it wasn’t all good and he YELLED it , he didn’t just say it. He was somewhat unimpressive.

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Well if it wasn’t right for you why do you even have to ask? It sounds co dependent. OK you’re good he’s bad. Happy? There’s obviously a nagging thought within you that questions this. In any relationship we are always 50% of the equation. There’s no black and white.

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