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What do Americans think about Canadians? The good and the Bad.

Asked by mikey_ca (285points) May 17th, 2010

I am just curious what you American folk think about us Canadians.
The good and the bad. Do you think we speak weird, act weird, act cool, are smart, or do we seem just like you?

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I envy you for living in such a beautiful country, and I love the accent!

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Anything “bad” would just be out of jealousy.

Oh, and that’s like a quiet loft upstairs from a really wild party.

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Symbeline lives in Canada and I really like her. So I automatically really like Canada. XD

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Buncha cleverly disguised Northern Mexicans if ya ask me.

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You have the Kids in the Hall! You had SCTV! Montreal is gorgeous! You Can’t Do That on Television was one of the best kids’ shows ever, and the original Degrassi Junior High was the bomb! Ontario has some of the prettiest woods I’ve ever been in! The Mounties’ ceremonial uniforms are so hot, it’s the only time I swoon seeing men in uniform!

OK, Molson’s not that great a beer, Wayne and Shuster aren’t that funny, and William Shatner and Paul Shaffer should spend eternity in a private Hell of two, but that’s OK! Canada’s awesome!

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I live in Northern California, and the perception here is that the further North you go, the more mellow life becomes. LA is too stressful. SF is stressed, but more laid back. Continuing North: Napa, Salem Oregon, Seattle Washington, then Canada. Pretty mellow, I’m guessing.
Hey, I said it was the perception. I didn’t say it was accurate.

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I’m jealous of you guys for Vancouver. :-)

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@aprilsimnel Private hell of three. you forgot Celine Dion

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No, I’m putting her in with her husband, Jim Carrey and Pierre Trudeau.

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@jonsblond : Do you really hear an accent from us? Do you hear one in Jim Carey, Ryan Reynolds and other english speaking Canadians?

@Blondesjon: Good one!

Not too bad so far…thought I was gonna hear a lot of hate towards us, but, maybe you guys are just too nice and don’t want to tell me what all the other Americans think LOL.

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The bad? You like hockey, and bathe in maple syrup (right?), and your accent is slightly weird.
The good? You’re like a chilled out U.S. (literally and figuratively).

I wouldn’t mind moving to Canada.

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@mikey_ca Definitely. You betcha. It’s even in northern Wisconsin. We vacation there quite a bit and we always end up talking slightly different than we normally do. It may not be that way for the entire country, and I would exclude actors, but there is an accent for some.

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@filmfann: It is actually quite the hussle out here as well…no relaxation!

@Dr_Dredd: I am out in Toronto, ON and never had a chance to go to Vancouver yet. I have actually been to over 10 States and have not been to a single province outside of Ontario yet :(

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You have two things to hang your hat on that Americans don’t. Some of the best in the world fly-in fishing and Molsen beer. Would have been 3 things but Obama spoiled it with the health care thingy.

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I love Puppets who kill. I don’t know anything really bad about Canada, but the guys on MST3K really let y’all have it sometimes. All in good fun, but I don’t know enough about C to make a joke. I have going to Yukon Territory to visit the Ice Hotel on my “to do” list.

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I didn’t notice much difference when I went to Canada. The people seemed perfectly fine to me. And yes, I love the accent. :)

I know not all Canadians have that stereotypical accent, but I did hear it a bit when I went to Canada.

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Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Avril Lavigne (for the kids). Bryan Adams.

Pamela Anderson.

Jim Carrey and Mike Myers.

Molson beer is good – but try Le Fin de Monde (the end of the world) – it’s got some kick.

CC whiskey.

The Habs – go Canadiens!!!

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I have no strong feelings one way or the other, though I think it must sometimes be difficult to share a continent with someone as sometimes overbearing as the U.S. I really like Montreal, the underground and all that, and Vancouver B.C. and it’s certainly a lot cleaner that is is here. When I was there as a kid I still remember you could almost define the border between the two countries because the litter pretty much stopped at the border to Canada. Maybe that’s changed, I don’t know. I don’t think we should invade you or anything like that. :)

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We love them. They’re good neighbors.

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I think Canadians rock!

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@mikey_ca Cool. I like Toronto, too. I live in upstate NY, not far from the Canadian border, and usually make a trek to Toronto once a year or so.

I also love Niagara-on-the-Lake!

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Utterly charming.

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Canadians are like my redneck family members that payed attention in school and aren’t completely selfish assholes.

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The accent is a little strange, but it’s tolerable. We swear that you guys say “eh” in every sentence.

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I greatly envy your country’s political culture and history and I hope I get to move there someday.

There are very few, if any, ways that America is superior to Canada, with the exception of my fiancée probably having a much easier time finding a job in America.

Meanwhile, Canada hasn’t unilaterally declared war on other countries, isn’t dominated by religious extremists and free-market cultists, and hasn’t had to resort to civil war to eliminate slavery among its own population.

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@Sarcasm Maple syrup is really a Québec thing. The rest of Canada has it too, but you’ll always pay way more for it anywhere other than Québec. Still pricey here too though.
But yeah, fuck hockey.

@aprilsimnel You can’t do that on Television was goddamn brilliant. It was like religion to me. :D For the beer, you can try some of the harder shit, like La Fin du Monde. :)

@Vunessuh I still want to trade you my town for yours. :)

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Is there anything worse though than a native American who not only has to praise another country but has to denigrate his own country in the process? What do you call the opposite of a company man? Oh yes, someone who should change companies. Likewise, maybe it’s time for some to emigrate north or just shut the fuck up.

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There are very few, if any, ways that America is superior to Canada, with the exception of my fiancée probably having a much easier time finding a job in America.
Yes just a minor detail.~ I had a grandfather from Vancouver and whenever he came to NY he never contrasted the Rockies to the skyscrapers. But he did marvel about the constant building projects because he remembered when not working was the greatest fear of his generation. It’s never far away and never should be taken for granted.

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@SeventhSense, Canada’s unemployment rate is basically the same as the United States, according to Wikipedia. Canada also has a much higher standard of living than America. So, not sure what your point is.

And as far as me being a traitorous native American or whatever… I didn’t choose to be born in America. I would have moved to Canada already if (1) it was practical and (2) didn’t cost a shitload of money. Many countries make immigration difficult, unfortunately.

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Also, re-reading what you said, I actually find your sentiment appalling. If I worked for a company that endorsed slavery, illegal warfare, class exploitation, and genocide, you are goddamn sure I would change companies.

The question you should be asking yourself is, is there anything worse than a person who would continue blissfully working for such a company.

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Canada’s standard of living is dependent upon their neighbor to the south. Who do you think buys all their oil? Who assures that they are not invaded by Russia? Not to create controversy but Canada is dependent upon the US economy.

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Canada invaded by Russia? No other buyer in the world for Canadian Oil? Ummm, @SeventhSense – are we perhaps a bit off-track here.

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We established this working relationship over a century ago and at a time when we were creating industry at a rapid pace. And we still are. I’m just so goddamn sick of these pissants denigrating the country which created the blueprint for industrialism. Especially since most of them contributed shit to the GDP themselves but just acquired a paycheck from some other businessman. Of course the same businessman or corporation which they’ll happily flip the bird to as they cross the border.

It’s not unlike those countries who love to adore of us for ten minutes after we rebuild their economy, send billions in aid or export technology and then turn around and snub us for our commercialism and lack of sophistication. Fuck them.

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Europe created the blueprint for industrialism.

Pretty sure Canada could find lots of buyers in China, India, and Europe for their oil and exports if Americans don’t want them.

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Europe created the blueprint for industrialism.
I think you’d be hard pressed to say that. Advances in agriculture, inventions such as the cotton gin, Edison’s incandescent bulb, Ford’s assembly line, and fair labor practices all were part of our country’s contribution. These are the roots of modern day industrialism. Yes there were technological advances in Europe but we created a better system and we overtook them. In the 1950’s Japan copied us-cameras, televisions, radios, automobiles and now China and India are doing likewise.

Pretty sure Canada could find lots of buyers in China, India, and Europe for their oil and exports if Americans don’t want them.
Today maybe, but in 1900 China and India weren’t even buying rice. And they would not have been able to process the fuel nor the investment to tap it. Yes they would have grown but Canada would not have grown as fast as they have without us. This technology originated in America, was fueled by the Industrial Revolution and we exported it.

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Guys – get a room. You’re obviously in lurve.

I say let’s have a Molson/Bud challenge – while thinking up creative ways for new solar energy uses rather than who else will buy Canada’s fucking oil – and make the next horrible spill.


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Just as we improved the European industrial revolution, and Japan improved our electronics, other countries have improved and surpassed the ideals that America was founded on. One of them being Canada.

To me, those ideals are far more important than a parcel of land that I happened to be born inside of.

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I’d love to live in Canada. I’m not sure that theres a bad to me, but I’d love to be there! I’ve spoken about moving a few times. Keeping my fingers crossed, actually. :)

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@SeventhSense: Wow!! Kinda rude dude.

I don’t think we should be telling other folks to “Shut the f*!$ up”.

Why start a war?

Take a chill pill
Take it easy
Have a drink

Smile :)

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No war, but hey fuck is such a wonderful word
Just consider the new Australian immigration policy

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Next one to be rude, or say nasty things, gets beaten up in chat. I mean it.

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Bring it Picard.

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@zenele: I have to give you a great answer for that “beaten up” statement, its funny.

@SeventhSense : Even though your starting the wars up in here, it was pretty funny to say “Bring it Picard”...great answer as well.

You are all a bunch of comedians! I like this place.

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@mikey_ca ;-)

Edit: Cuz I saw your comment too late. @Seven Phasers on stun.

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Two reasons are all Canada needs for me to love it.
1) The original, the one, the only, Captain James Tiberius Kirk (Shatner) <—- man-crush
2) Maynard. Effin. Ferguson.

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It’s been a week @SeventhSense – chicken?

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Your first mistake was phasers on stun.

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@SeventhSense We won’t make that mistake again. Lock torpedoes.

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@zenele @SeventhSense

Captain James Tiberius Kirk: No one may kill a man. Not for any purpose. It cannot be condoned. We fight only when there is no other choice. We prefer the ways of peaceful contact. There’s another way to survive—Mutual trust and help. Not by killing others.

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I don’t belong to the Federation.
The Klingons say “Lock and load”.

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Come to think of it, they must be seriously “co-dependent”....
I mean with a name like Kling Ons

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Well in that case…. FIRE THE DEATH STAR!!!

mwhaha star wars attacks!

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