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How to get lean flat abdominals?

Asked by cornbird (1750points) May 18th, 2010

I have seen many advertisements about getting flat abdominals. They have fancy machiens and belts that magically create abs. The latest piece of advice that I have gotten is the that you should not do any ab excersises because that would make you get a bigger belly. To me, I have always believed that if you want to get lean abs you should work hard at it. Do ab excercises about twice a week and eat healthy foods, especially vegetables. What is the real truth of getting abdominals? Does anyone have any real life experiences to share about the method they used or are using? That would be really helpful.

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Good abdominal muscles come from using those muscles regularly, nothing more.

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It requires three things:

1) abdominal work outs, such as crunches
2) Cardio work out such as running
3) a low fat diet, with lots of protein

As some one who has has success obtaining nice abs, I can definitely say those three things are what did it (and still do it) for me.

A person can have great rock hard abs, but no one will be able to tell it is there if a layer of fat is over it. This is when the belly looks bigger. Sometimes, it may make your belly pop out in a 1 pack and you look bloated. The abs are pushing the fat out.

While you are training your abs, you need to lose the fat. Only way to do that is by doing some cardio, burning those calories, and ingesting less calories than what you are burning.

It may take a few months though.

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I agree with @ChazMaz . His answer was both helpful (marginally) and on-topic.

My original answer was based on having good, strong, functioning abdominal muscles rather than a certain appearance. I couldn’t care less about “six pack”, rather being healthy and efficiently perform my farm work.

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I find avoiding red meat, fried foods and other foods loaded with fat as often as possible, avoiding sugared goodies (including sodas), walking as often as I can if I don’t do any other exercise…that should do the trick. Also, avoid late-night eating/bingeing before bed. When you start getting serious about workouts, it will start to tone the abs even more.

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In the past year I have lost 34 lbs. I was never significantly over weight, but I was overweight for my height and age. My best advice, or atleast what has worked for me is this- do not cut all foods out, but do cut some out, eat in moderation(really learn what a portion is), learn your BMR not your BMI but your BMR, and run. I found cutting foods out makes me crave, but there are some things I will not eat- I will not eat butter, I will not eat mayo, and sweets…once in a blue moon, and even when you do have sweets still portion. I substituted alot of things that I did eat- I will not eat a burger unless it is a turkey burger. Google BMR its eye opening, and Run. I do less than 10 minutes of abs a day- and yet I have a really flat stomach, the trick is running. You want flat abs you have to put in the work. But it is so worth it.

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@Glow what are some types of low fat food with lots of protien? Can I still eat baked pork and chicken?those are my favorite meals

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Eggs have a huge amount of protein and if you are seriously worried about the little saturated fat they have only eat the whites. Tofu is really good if you can get past the texture, and it takes on a flavor of anything you put with it- I like it mixed with a salad, or steamed with low sodium soy sauce. Peanut butter is good but stick to the serving size. And if you want baked chicken, and pork have it…but have a serving size and don’t have it all the time. Remember fish, fish has protein too and less fat. One last recommendation- check out a diabetic cookbook or website- it will provide many tips, and substitutes for your favorite foods. Hope this helps! Good luck. :)

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@Glow gave a great answer. I’ll add to give up drinking alcohol too, you’d be surprised how much all over skin bloat and hard belly comes of that.

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