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What's the best way to use Gmail on a Blackberry Storm?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) May 19th, 2010

Ideally with ways to work with labels.
Can it do IMAP with Push technology?
I don’t know that much about this.

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Before you configure it on your BlackBerry, make sure only the IMAP option is enabled (not POP3, which can delay deliveries), then configure it on your device.

I’m not sure if the labels work. You can see more information here. There’s also a comparison vs the Gmail app here. Personally, I prefer to receive my messages instantly, and since I don’t use labels, it’s not an issue.

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@bob_ I since found this, might be interesting for you too, thanks for your answer

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There is definitely a way to force IMAP Push with gmail – I used it when I had a Storm.
It worked like a charm…

I’ll have to try and find my Storm and lookup the settings or find the site where I got the trick from…if I find either I’ll let you know.

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@Akiora that would be nice thank you. For information, I was able to get to the point where I installed a Gmail plugin that even gets me the ability to archive. Anyway were you able to mirror changes done on the web to the phone? I can only get the web to reflect the changes I make on the phone… not the other way.

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