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You wake up, it's a beautiful morning. You open your bedroom window, what would be the best thing you could see that would enhance the feeling that all's well in your world?

Asked by ucme (50031points) May 20th, 2010

Wake up it’s a beautiful morning, wake up it’s a beautiful day, & it’s gonna get better?

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Ed McMahon and an over-sized multi-million dollar check with my name on it.

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The tree that I do see every morning out my window.

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A blue jay, which occasionally, I do see.

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A truck full of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies being backed into my driveway by a scantily-clad redhead with her trusty sidekick, Slappy the Basset Hound.

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My husband walking up to the door.

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My son, his wife and my almost one year old grandson who live in Paris and my other son and his girlfriend coming up the walk.

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@Vunessuh Ditto, the feelings mutual i’m sure ;¬}

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The neighbor lady hanging her laundry out on her clothesline.
The elderly neighbor couple taking a walk hand in hand.
My two grandchildren who live 1,300 miles away from me, playing on my swingset.
A cat lolling in the sunshine.
Everyone’s grass already freshly mowed, so that I know I won’t hear a lawnmower today.
My porch all swept and clean and the table set with a nice breakfast and freshly brewed coffee.
My roses, lilly of the valley and clematis in bloom.
The loud neighbor kid with the basketball leaving on his bicycle.
Nothing at all on my calendar that I have to do today.
A book that I want to read waiting for me on the porch swing.

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two cute fuzzy animals playing in the back yard. Seeing my Mama…waiting for me to come out and enjoy the nice day.

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A reeeeallly cute boy outside my window, I invite him inside for some game playing or tea or something and then you know what could happen next- I mean hello he’s a cutie:)

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Wish there were some trees outside my apartment… instead of a stupid dorm building. Birds would be nice eye candy for the cats… and a little more sunshine would be lovely!

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The only thing that helps me to delude myself into thinking all is well in the world is my wife’s face. Nothing outside of my bedroom window can do that for me.

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An absolutely beautiful sunrise like this example here.

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Jimmy Buffett is walking up the walkway carrying a spring arrangement; he pats a deer on the head, just missing falling into our 20’x40’ swimming pool which is adjacent to our new Cadillac that strangely is occupied by the dentist who says my teeth are the “healthiest I’ve ever seen.”
OK: I tried to keep it as ONE THING which is what I thought you asked.
I failed.
The pool would cost a fortune to keep up (pool guy) , the deer might eat the foliage and maybe, just maybe someday, we can buy the car? In beige, please. Thanks.

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I should say at this point that for me it would be a field full of naked ladies carrying fistfulls of cash beckoning me provocatively.Ahh per chance to dream.

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A sign that says “free health care in America”? Seriously that would solve a ton of problems for me right now (and I mean now not in 2014).

But seriously if I saw a doe nursing her fawn that would be so wonderful.

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What @Merriment said and:

The Ocean
A sprawling yard of grass, fruit trees, wisteria vines and Magnolia trees
My smiling naked partner holding a breakfast tray for two and plane tickets

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A zombie invasion, or the remains of the Apocalypse, if it meant I didn’t have to go to work that day.

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This comes real close – my family at the beach

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This but only if he brings coffee.

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@Symbeline Oh you old romantic you.The remains of the apocalypse, be careful not to “fallout” of the window in all the excitement.

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I can’t believe what they did to my birthday cake. THOSE BASTARDS!

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