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How would you want to be executed?

Asked by Draconess25 (4448points) May 20th, 2010

You committed some unforgivable crime, & you were going to be executed. And you could choose the method. Modern, medieval, or ancient. What would you choose?

I’d prefer to be either burned at the stake, given a blood eagle, or put in the electric chair.

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Injection. something painless and fast.

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This is kinda morbid.

I think I’d like to be beheaded. It’s quick and I imagine that it’s fairly painless.

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Death by chocolate.

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The Tsar Bomba strapped on my back, suspended 500 m above the centre of a highly populated metropolis.

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I would want to be placed on a rocket that was headed straight for a black hole, with enough supplies to last me until I get there.

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Sex overdose.

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Asphyxiated by a pair of nice big boobies.

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@shilolo that would be my choice too

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Bullet to the head. Bang! Done.

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Death by old age :P

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A lot of these aren’t real execution methods….

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Um, probably something as quick and painless as possible. Guillotine comes to mind, since being beheaded traditionally generally took 3 or 4 whacks to fully sever the head.

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I guess just hang me. Make it a public spectacle.

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I would rather commit suicide, either with a sawed off shotgun and birdshot or the most powerful gun I could fins, then I would stand near a crowd and shoot myself in the head, spraying blood and brain all over them :) The only thing I would regret is not being able to see their reaction!

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I think I’d use an Egyptian cobra since this snake is known to kill painlessly and quickly, and there is always a chance I could charm him. Maybe?

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The bloody eagle is probably one of the worst methods I know of – whatever made you see it as a preferred method?

I would probably want to go as a Gladiator – a sword shoved through the supra-costal space, down into the heart. Alternatively I would be thrown out a plane during a sub-orbital flight – then my last moments would be a thrill.

The Monty Python method in Meaning of Life isn’t too bad either!!

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Nothing with blood or loud noises. How about a nice pill?

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Firing squad by competent marksmen, or “cheat the hangman” and do it myself Hermann Goering style. Likely I would have eaten a bullet before I could be arrested.

@Draconess25 The blood eagle is nasty. you must have a wickedly high pain tolerance.

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Tickled to death by naked Swedish nymphos.They could use an ostrich feather & take as long as they like.Wonder if my erection would remain twitching after i’m gone, hmmm imponderables.

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@FireMadeFlesh & @stranger_in_a_strange_land I’ve always wondered what it felt like. And how long I’d last before I went into shock.

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I’d prefer to be executed by the device in Kafka’s The Penal Colony.

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@Draconess25 Having your ribs chopped loose from your spine and your lungs drawn out; a small taste of that might be a hundred lashes with a cat o’ nine followed by a water boarding session? The full treatment of being drawn and quartered is probably in the same horror magnitude.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land What would they use to cut the ribs….?

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@Draconess25 I’d imagine it would have to be something like a wood chisel. Maybe the point of a dagger driven by a mallet?

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land That might work! Or an axe….

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@Draconess25 An axe might accidentally kill too soon, difficult to control. Remember the object of the Blood Eagle was to keep the victim alive long enough for the lungs to be drawn out through the back and “flap” as the victim suffocates. The executioner might lose style points if the lungs just laid there limp because the victim was already dead. A very small hatchet might work though. :^)

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You seriously would choose immolation as a means to die? That’s probably up there among one of the worse ways to go.

I’d choose the guillotine. It probably hurts but not for long, and apparently getting beheaded feels like you’re in a roller coaster.
Also, it would be a funny eye wink at my French heritage haha. So it has to be the guillotine, in the village square and my death would be treated like a festival, where parents would bring their children to watch me die while eating their picnic.
So no boring old axe or sword, but the guillotine.

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@Symbeline Immolation….? Whazzat mean?

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Death by fire.

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In a nuclear explosion. At least I’d go out with a bang!

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@Symbeline Oh, okay! It’s because I love the warmth & pain of being burned.

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Agree with @Dr_Dredd . At ground zero you’d be vaporized in a millisecond. The firing squad satisfies my Klingon sense of honor, is all. No blindfold, just a shot of brandy and a cigarette.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Today is a good day to die! (Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam!)

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@Draconess25 I always assumed that the point of a sword would be used to sever the ribs from the spine in the blood eagle. A well placed shallow slash either side would do the job quickly and easily. You wouldn’t want them bleeding to death from multiple wounds before the rib cage could be folded out.

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If I got to choose the method, and that’s the method they would have to use, then I would choose to be strapped to a 200 megaton cobalt-lined atomic bomb in the middle of Washington DC. Go ahead, executioner! Pull the lever!

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@HungryGuy You mean something like this scene in Dr. Strangelove?

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@Dr_Dredd – Yup! I loved the ending of that movie!

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Slim Pickens played that role to the hilt.

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I would want to be executed sharp, quickly but in a way that demonstrated justice. For me, I would want to be put into the Electric Chair!

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Old age…natural causes.

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