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Why do you eat fast food?

Asked by LiLian (115points) May 20th, 2010

let’s face it-Everyone Does love the fast food! but this food is unhealthy or having poor nutritional value .Junk food contains high levels of fats,salt, many additives.i know its hard to control our food cravings (i for one sure CAN’T),i eat a lot of ( Candy + Chips + Soda + Ice Cream + Cookies + Etc . ].why these foods are so addictive ?and why do become so popular? is it true that pizza is always better and healthier than deep fried fries and chicken?

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I eat fast food (ie meals that I can prepare and cook in less than 10 minutes). I don’t eat junk food.

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Because it’s fast.

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because I’m hungry now and want my food now :D

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Who can resist Wendy’s? Their fucking hamburgers are square for God’s sake!!!!! SQUARE!!!

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@Ludy that’s a smart answer LOL

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a smart answer for a smart question :P

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The fast food that I eat is actually quite healthful.

Raw almonds and berries take no time for me to prepare. ;-)

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Let’s also face the fact that everyone does not love fast foods. I am and have almost never been part of your “You.” Today for lunch I had a pound of fresh of peas that I shelled and ate raw, two carrots and a 4 oz. container of lemon sorbet made with fresh lemon juice and sugar. Oh, and 40 pistachio nuts and a watered down glass of organic concord grape juice.

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I don’t. Never. Ever.

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Don’t get @gailcalled started on poptarts. She has nothing good to say about them.

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@chyna: Au contraire. They make wonderful book marks or weed control if you crumble them over poison ivy.

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Mostly I eat them for convenience. They fill me up quickly.

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I used to eat that stuff, I swear, because eating it gave me the feeling like, yeah, now I can afford to eat this! Growing up, it was extremely rare that I ate any fast food.

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Because it tastes good and it’s cheap. In’n’Out that is. That’s pretty much the only fast food place I’ll go to other than Taco Bell. But these are things I don’t do all the time.

Same goes for all the junk food. It tastes good. Candy, especially. I keep candy around relatively regularly in my dorm room, something I never was allowed to do growing up.

I figure that I don’t eat enough of this stuff for it to be a big concern. I eat enough healthy food to balance it out (much more often than I eat junk food and fast food). Plus, I have a metabolism faster than the speed of sound. :)

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I’m in the same camp as @aprilsimnel. We had the kind of mother that sent us to the movies with an orange apiece. No Goobers, no Raisinets. It was child abuse in America.
The other reason is that they’re full of salt, grease, and sugar, which the body evolved to recognize as perfect for combatting starvation. We learn to crave them even more as we learn they’re readily available. We crave them more and more and more and more and…. o god now I have to get IN THE CAR and drive away from my own perfectly well-stocked kitchen, must have must have WENDYS..
actually I can’t deal with square burgers, but… you know. Yum.

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hey have some kind of chemicals in them that make them taste better than anything I cook at home. Usually I resist, but when a member of my household brings some in for me, I eat it.

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no cleaning the kitchen…..instant gratification.

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The only fast food my family usually eats is Chick-fil-a, which I deem fit to eat once every two weeks or so. We eat it because it’s real food and has healthy options, it’s fast, and extremely kid friendly. But most of all because of its location at the mall where we shop, get our hair cut, walk, play, and throw pennies in the water fountain.

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You are so right @aprilsimnel I was the same way but I have eaten so much fast food that now I am sick of it tough, ANY food, i don’t crave anything anymore :(

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Ugh. I hate it. I should have never introduced it to my child. He asks for it :( I try to avoid it. I can lose 5lbs just from not eating it, but it’s hard to make dinner and lunch every day :(

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Very good question, I am not sure but some people say that they put stubstances in there food which gives the food that flavor that people find unresisting. Personally I love fast food but still its pretty bad for you.

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Lipids- God, lipids are the tastiest things on the planet. Also- it’s cheap, fast and tastes fairly good.

Actually, most fast food sounds better than it actually tastes come to think of it. The idea of McNuggets (my personal weakness) sounds tastier than what I actually get. I only eat fast food rarely but it is like a druggie craving that next fix. I break down about once every two months and buy some.

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@gemiwing At the risk of sounding stupid, what is a lipid?

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Never. Not from the so-called restaurants anyhow. I am guikty of the frozen meal (usually organic or without preservs) or potato chips, but latelty I have been trying to cook. The best I felt recently was the week I cooked all of my meals myself and had lots of fresh produce. I know it takes time, but people need to get in the kitchen and cook and forget about this chain restaurant crap.

Incidentally, in Supersize Me the documentary, the guy going through the “experiment” actually experienced symptoms o addiction with the McD’s.

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I do it because it is convient at times. I don’t go out all the time, because I save more money growing my vegetables and buying my groceries than I do when I go out. But as a treat once a month, well worth the money.

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I eat fast foods (KFC) when I am in town from where I live thats when I eat it. I am always hungry so sometimes I just can’t resist having 1 hamburger!

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I enjoy the tastes of some fast food and, because I don’t eat very much of it, consider it to be an occassional treat. I strongly believe in the “everything in moderation” rule. Yes, it’s full of crap but every so often is not going to make much of a difference.

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@chyna A lipid is simply put- a fat or fat-soluble vitamin.

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