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My Fluther avatar is of my girl and I; would it be cheesy if I made it my Facebook profile pic?

Asked by Jude (32134points) May 20th, 2010

I have family, old friends, current friends, but, no co-workers on my Facebook. Not sure if I should put the kiss up there. I’m not worried about my friends (they could care less). I’m more concerned with the fam.

What do you all think? Too tacky for Facebook? Too much?

I know that you all wouldn’t care if I put it up here. :)

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I don’t think it is cheesy. I think this is a great picture of you two, very sweet. Go for it.

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I wouldn’t put it up. It’s tough to know who will be looking at your profile, how people will react, etc. etc.

You could post it in your profile, but I wouldn’t put it as your default picture.

Just my two cents.

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As long as you think you are prepared for the possible comments about it, go ahead.
I like it

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I love it (I left a comment for you not too long ago), I don’t see anything wrong with making a FB profile picture…lots of people do that.

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I see a lot of couple pics up all the time. I’d have one, but both of my girlfriends are camera-shy.

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Why would it make it cheesy? Do what you believe if you don’t feel comfortable then don’t post it, but if you feel alright go for it. Its alright its not like its illegal or anything.

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Oh and no its not too tacky…. nothings too tacky for Facebook.

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I think it’s an adorable picture! Go for it :)

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Sounds like a personal question. I personally choose not to have a profile picture of my boyfriend and I kissing, but I also have a couple of friends on Facebook who have profile pictures of them and their partners. Makes no difference to me. Whatever floats your boat.

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I’d put it up. If you have your privacy settings on properly and coworkers couldn’t find you easily, you’ll be fine.

If you’re worried about the family just add a casual context for the photo in the caption.

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You have taken baby steps with your avatar for a reason only you can speak to…that is reason enough IMO to JUST DO IT! you know you want to…

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If you want to put it up, then you should.

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I don’t consider it cheesy, but I do regard it as very personal for a public place. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with it myself, since I always prefer to keep things a bit private and be selective about what I display to whom. That’s my attitude and doesn’t have to be yours.

One thing that does persistently puzzle me, though, is why it’s such a popular custom to post pictures of several people as one’s avatar photo. To me that’s just a tease: here I am, but you don’t know which one is me. Also it seems like the others in the picture would have to agree to be your face, wouldn’t they?

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If you and your girlfriend are okay with the picture being available for everyone to see, I don’t see why not. There are much raunchier Facebook photos out there. The one you have is very sweet. :)

If you’re worried about your family seeing it, that’s a more personal decision. Putting something like that up will likely get comments from some family members who may “disapprove” ...but if you’re alright with the idea of dealing with that, go for it.

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It may be cheesy to some dudes, but us gals think it’s cute.

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it is a cute pic…but @Jeruba is right…very personal for FB.

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I might sneak her into my pics. Not a profile pic. And, I’ll adjust my privacy settings, as well.

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I think it’s beautiful and sweet. Only you would know if it would bother your family but I suggest if it does they just get used to it.

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I don’t see why not. It’s adorable. I’d do it. Plus 85–90% of the people I have on Facebook know me IRL. The ones who don’t.. well I’m comfortable with sharing the information with them. If I wasn’t, then I wouldn’t have added them on Facebook. Also, my privacy settings are set up so only my friends can see most of what’s on my page.

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It does look pathetic in fairness and gives the impression
that you are being “pussy-whipped” and only have that picture up because you were forced to by your s/o.

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@beautifulbobby193 lmao. Okay.

for the record, my s/o is the one that wants it up.

haters be hatin’

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@jjmah I think you should put it up. You guys are way cute.

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I made it really private. It’s posted.

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