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Do you know anyone who is happy, well, and isn't struggling financially?

Asked by Facade (22902points) May 23rd, 2010

I’m on Facebook a lot, so I read a lot of people’s statuses. 85–90% of them are complaints about sadness, illness, or lack of money.
I cannot easily pick out someone who is satisfied in all three of those areas.
Can you?
If not, why do you think this is?
What needs to be done to fix this?

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I believe that money cannot increase happiness, but a lack of basic materials to sustain ourselves and family can make us unhappy. I believe many people do not understand what makes them happy and unhappy. Instead of meditating on why they feel sad, ill, or non-productive and stuck financially, they turn to media, drugs, over-eating, etc.

I think many of us are taught by others from a young age what is supposed to make us happy. Money is a huge factor that we were taught will affect our happiness. So, throughout life we may focus too much on material wealth, which cannot satisfy our needs, and then blame our perceived lack of wealth as the root of our unhappiness.

I recommend this book on the subject of happiness.

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I know several people who are happy, well and not struggling financially. The economy, as I am sure people are sick of hearing, is shit. Stress from this leads people to become depressed and depression leads to becoming sick. The people I know who are doing well have stable jobs, health insurance and were smart enough/able to put away money before everything went to hell. I’m happy, healthy and working on gaining the last bit.

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I know a few people that are happy, healthy, and not struggling. I am happy (though there is one thing that will make me happier), healthy, and doing well financially. I do know a lot of people that are unhappy right now and even more that are not necessarily struggling, but they are living pay check to pay check.

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I don’t, but they can easily fix it.

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Everybody has a battle to fight.
Right now, because of the economy, a lot of people are financially stressed. Even if they’re not necessarily broke, they may be headed in that direction or perhaps are having a hard time adjusting to giving up certain wants that they were already accustomed to before the economy went to shit.
I, for one, am definitely broke, but I’m not unhappy.
Am I happy about being broke? Of course not.
But am I depressed that I’m broke? No.

You also have to remember that a lot of people who are broke, can’t pay for doctor’s visits or medical bills. Because they know this, some don’t seek help for certain health issues they may have. I’m guilty of this. For about 3 years now, I’ve put off plenty of doctor visits because I simply can’t afford them.
There are people who do this at the risk of their health issues getting worse. There are also people who eat nothing but fast food because it’s cheap and all they can afford. It’s sad, but sometimes money and health are directly related. I can say for me though, I’ve never been depressed over either. I’ve been a little worried and I’ve been a little stressed, but not unhappy.

And to answer your question, I know a few people who are doing well in all three areas of happiness, health and wealth.

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My younger daughter is fine in all 3 areas. And she helps others all the time who are less fortunate as do her inlaws. They have a college fund set up at their church. Very happy, healthy, lucky family. These women spend a great deal of time shopping and discussing what they saw and what they bought. It’s strange in a way. Always wearing new things.
While there is no question the economy is terrible, some people live above their means. Their mortgages were approved so why would they have thought they couldn’t afford their homes? They trusted their banker. This is a complex subject not easily addressed here. Add financial problems to health problems and you have a recipe for depression. It’s a vicious cycle.

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(raises hand)
I’m content, healthy and only broke about once a month.

And most of my facebook status updates are just random thoughts that have nothing to do with my personal life.

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I know someone like this. Myself. My life isn;t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and I will always be happier with more money, but on the whole, I’m doing fine.

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I know some people who are prosperous in the world’s goods. But I can’t know if they are happy. What are the signs that tell me that a person is happy?

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I know several people who are doing well (for now) in all of those areas. Things chnage in people’s lives.

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I have some money socked away; my health is as good as can be expected at my age and I have Medicare; and I’m stressing financially anyway, because I know things are going to get worse.
That oil spill isn’t helping.
But my life is full of beauty.

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You rock susanc.

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Yes, I know many who would fit into your criteria.

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Yes I know a couple of people including ourselves – even though we’re struggling financially, we don’t let it take away from our happiness and know that there is hope in our future. But I totally get what you’re saying – many people that I know do have money but can’t find love. I am forever lucky that I it the other way around.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir GA!

I am truly blessed in that I have friends who are pathologically happy! They see the good in everything and are perpetually positive in their attitude to life. We all struggle with health, wealth and heart from time to time, or all the time, but thankfully we have the emotional and imaginative resources to cope, and a wonderful network of family and friends to back us up.

My experience of this latest economic downturn has been; hearing many people talk about how depressed everybody is, without actually seeing anyone who is depressed. Like I said, truly blessed.

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All at the same time? actually, no.

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Me, my husband, my sister-in-law and her husband, my niece and her husband, and few others. Most of the rest of my family is currently unemployed or underemployed, or in poor health.

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I’m sure I must, but I’d say most people I know are making two out of three. All possible combinations of two.

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I don’t think most of my friends are suffering from any one of the three. I’m sure some are, but mostly not. We’re a pretty happy bunch.

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