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What is the difference between using any of the apparently easily available YouTube downloaders to get MP 3 files vs. using one of the P2P networks ?

Asked by Buttonstc (27591points) May 23rd, 2010 from iPhone

For the record, I’ve done neither (mainly due to the fact that I’m a technotard more than anything else) and it’s not high on my list of priorities.

But the main reason I ask is because on here and many other sites, any questions regarding the use of P2P sites results in many critical comments about the illegality of doing this.

However, nobody seems to bat an eyelash about questions regarding YouTube downloaders.

Am I missing something here. Isn’t it the same thing regardless of which method is used, or am I just a hopeless dumbass?

Can someone drop me a clue here, please ?

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Youtube has some “illegal” posts – but the idea is you watch and listen to them on the site (and the poster/site/maybe the copyright owner too?) makes some money from hits. In any event, youtube stuff isn’t for downloading (of course you can) songs – it’s for watching clips online.

The other p2p’s are explicitly for downloading songs illegally. Youtube is to watch it – then prompt you to buy it.

N’est ce pas?

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I understand the primary purpose of YouTube, but don’t the various YouTube downloaders ( one is even a FF add-on) totally circumvent that very purpose?

My understanding is that they can extract JUST the MP 3 portion enabling one to put it into iTunes.

There was a recent Q asking for recos of the best of these downloadeders and not a peep from anyone about illegality.

Yet, each time someone asks about P2P sites, criticism abounds.

There seems to be a double standard and hence my Q. Maybe there is a difference of which I’m unaware. But from what I’ve read on the YT downloader sites, it seems that they’re doing the exact same thing, but they seem to get a pass. Just wondering why, that’s all.

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Its the exact same thing and if someone thinks otherwise they are trying to make themselves feel better. Stealing is stealing is stealing.

That being said I do download music illegally.

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To get MP3’s use

For video (FLV, AVI and MP4) use

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