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what modern convinience, in your opinion, should never have been invented?

Asked by jiboo420_ (122points) March 15th, 2008 from iPhone
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I know this isn’t exactly what you are looking for.. I wish gunpowder would have never been invented.

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Alcoholic Beverages.

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No gunpowder?! What would I put in my hot loads for my .357 Smith which I always have with me when walking my labs in the woods. Before you come unglued johnpowel, if you have never been shot at (I have 3X) and you have nothing to defend yourself with, don’t answer too quickly.

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.357. Me likey

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They couldn’t shoot at you in the first place. Use a knife. It is more personal.

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Anything that uses non-renewable resources, like gas powered cars.

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@glial: Touché!

FOX news :)

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Martha Stewart!

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Traffic signal cameras!

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Leafblowers. Insane.
I saw a leaf VACUUM rolling down the sidewalk the other day -
a riding sucker belonging to the ever so enlightened City of Olympia.
I’m sure it was gas-powered, but at least it accomplished something.
And it was silent.

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mini scooters for kids. No wonder kids nowadays are so fat. Ride a damn bike. Plus a kid small enough to fit on those mini bikes doesnt need to be going 40 mph neway.

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I realize this will be quite an unpopular answer however IMHO text-messaging.

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being a Gen x guy, I grew up with atari, but it wasn’t so fun as to keep us inside playing it all day. I have an xbox360 that I play maybe 1 hour a month- it’s fun, but I think as a previous poster said, that Kids today don’t have the imagination power you had to have in the late 70s early 80s
so I guess my answer is modern toys

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Hydrogenated oils

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Baconnaise… Bacon and Mayonnaise dont go together like that.

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