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Does the common necktie have a practical function? Did it ever?

Asked by Nullo (21978points) May 26th, 2010

Clothes in general protect us from the elements. Belts and the like keep those clothes where they ought to be.

But the necktie? Is it for when the lapels are not satisfactory handles?

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Back when they were first designed, factories and mines were in their infancy, with
many tools and machines that could snag some loose clothing and cause serious injury. Their original function was to help identify management and higher ups from the workers, since someone wearing something so outright dangerous obviously wouldn’t be manning anything that would use it to rip his head off. It caught on as a sign of wealth and position.

I should mention that this completely unresearched answer was pulled out of my butt.

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Makes it easier to hang ‘em from a tree on the spot. You do not have to get a rope, you can get down to business immedately.

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It’s basically just an accessory now, or at least that’s how I use them. They just look cool. no purpose. :)

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The necktie was not beneficial for one of my fellow officers. back in the late 60s, we received an officer in trouble call at an intersection, in a secluded country area in Metro. back then, our uniform consisted of black hand-tied ties. i was the first to arrive. two male subjects had the officer up against the side of a building, choking him with his necktie. i hit one in the knee cap and it popped. the other fled across the street into a house. we broke down the front door and captured the other suspect. both were wanted on outstanding criminal warrants. fellow officer was okay, but the standard necktie had its last day, after this incident. clip-on ties took their place. the only practical function for a necktie, in this case, was used as a weapon to attempt to kill a police officer.

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ties for cops are like capes for superheros.

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Makes you look responsible.

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I asked this same question a while ago and there was no clear cut answer…

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