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How/Where can I rent a chicken suit?

Asked by Vunessuh (16704points) May 26th, 2010

This is a serious question.

My friend and I really want to rent a couple of chicken suits and wear them across town. I figure renting would be cheaper than buying because on Amazon and Ebay the chicken suits are close to $100 each. I found a site that rents costumes and their chicken suits are $75 for the day. This is a bit out of our price range.
Any suggestions on the cheapest route to take or how we can possibly make our own?

Maybe one with AC would be nice. I don’t want to roast my chicken in that suit.

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I don’t know! lol
Would you settle for a bee suit and an airplane ride?

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Apply for a job at Browns Chicken and volunteer to wear the Chicken Suit…problem solved.

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Thank you for asking this in the Social section. I don’t have an answer, but I want to ask you to take pictures and post them, ok? xoxo!

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Dude, why would you want to wear a chicken suit? Have you thought this through? You’re going to be all hot and sweaty, and… um… yeah, take pictures. Lots of pictures.

* closes eyes, smiles *

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Good luck with that, i’m guessing all the cocks will be chasing you two though.Hubba hubba wish I was there to see, drool.

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@Vunessuh I just found out who your partner in crime is going to be. LMAO. Hell I don’t want pictures, I want a movie. DVD or VHS.

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We may not be able to afford the chicken suits, we’ll probably have to improvise.
But whatever we decide to do, there will be lots of pictures. I promise. :)
I’ll find the most embarrassing one of Lucille and make it my avatar. :D

And thanks to everyone for your answers!

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Is that the only way you can get a date?

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@Tomfafa No it isn’t as a matter of fact. She’s just trying to lighten things up around here. She can have a date with me any damn time she wants! (So there)

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@Trillian Oooh… put me in my place! But you know… a Trillian aint what it used to be…

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Beside… I don’t need a rooster suit to be a big cock!

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